26-8D-1    Definitions.

26-8D-2    Fiscal incentive program for diversion opportunities--Requirements--Allotment of moneys--Report.

26-8D-3    Treatment for juvenile system involved youth.

26-8D-4    Collection and report of treatment program referral and completion data.

26-8D-5    Evaluation and recommendations to improve outcomes for Native American children in juvenile justice system.

26-8D-6    Report of evaluation and recommendations.

26-8D-7    Juvenile Justice Oversight Council established.

26-8D-8    Council--Purpose--Members.

26-8D-9    Council--Sunset--Meetings--Tasks.

26-8D-10    Community response teams--Purpose--Members--Confidentiality of records.

26-8D-11    Promulgation of rules regarding community response teams.

26-8D-12    Report of nonidentifying aggregate data for jurisdictions where community response team established.

26-8D-13    Recipients of community services--Liability.

26-8D-14    Findings of fact and conclusions of law justifying need for extended detention.

26-8D-15    Unified Judicial System semiannual report to oversight council--Contents.

26-8D-16    Unified Judicial System semiannual report to oversight council on probation.

26-8D-17    Placement in group care facility--Performance-based reimbursement--Juvenile corrections facilities to operate programs to achieve treatment goals and release to aftercare.

26-8D-18    Placement in residential treatment center or intensive residential treatment center--Performance-based reimbursement.

26-8D-19    Department of Corrections semiannual report to oversight council--Contents.

26-8D-20    Department of Corrections semiannual report to oversight council on aftercare.

26-8D-21    Juvenile justice detention cost-sharing fund created.

26-8D-22    Participating and nonparticipating counties.

26-8D-23    Reimbursement of participating counties.

26-8D-24    Amount of reimbursement.

26-8D-25    26-8D-25. Repealed by SL 2019, ch 125, § 1, eff. June 28, 2019.