26-9-1    Contributing to abuse, neglect, or delinquency or causing child to become child in need of supervision as misdemeanor.

26-9-2    Short terms used to describe offenses.

26-9-3    Original jurisdiction of prosecutions.

26-9-4    Probation officers authorized to file complaints--Assistance by state's attorney--General powers of state's attorney unimpaired.

26-9-5    Interpretation and construction in prosecutions under chapter.

26-9-6    Actual abuse, neglect, or delinquency not required for conviction.

26-9-7    Liberal construction for protection of child.

26-9-8    Criminal proceedings under other laws not prevented.

26-9-9    Consistency with other laws for support and protection of children.

26-9-10    Proceedings under chapter not prevented by similar laws--Duplicate prosecutions considered in mitigation.

26-9-11    Suspension, stay, or postponement of sentence--Release from custody on condition.

26-9-12    Abused or neglected child left in custody of person under suspended sentence--Conditions of suspension.

26-9-13    Enforcement of sentence after suspension or stay--Commencement of jail term.

26-9-14    Maximum period of suspension or stay of sentence--Release and discharge on compliance with terms.

26-9-15    Security for child support required after conviction for contributory abuse or contributory neglect--Forfeiture on failure to comply with conditions.

26-9-16    Separate suit not required to recover on bond--Order to show cause--Judgment on bond.

26-9-17    Disposition of recovery on bond.