27A-10-1    Petition asserting need for immediate intervention of mentally ill person--Contents.

27A-10-1.1    Center as appropriate regional facility in certain circumstances.

27A-10-1.2    Appropriate regional facility--Application for Designation by Department of Social Services--Requirements.

27A-10-2    Order for apprehension of subject--Transportation to appropriate facility--Payment of expenses.

27A-10-3    Apprehension by peace officer of person believed to require emergency intervention--Transportation to appropriate regional facility.

27A-10-4    Petition on person apprehended.

27A-10-5    Notification of rights upon custody, detention, or filing of petition--Notice to county board where person apprehended.

27A-10-6    Examination of person detained--Report to chair--Expenses of examination.

27A-10-7    Results of examination--Person released upon failure of examination to meet criteria--Continued detention if criteria met.

27A-10-7.1    Chairman to make final determination where person voluntarily admits himself.

27A-10-7.2    Refusal of prehearing admission.

27A-10-8    Time limit for involuntary commitment hearing--Payment of expenses.

27A-10-9    Testimony of qualified mental health professional--Availability and appropriateness of alternatives.

27A-10-9.1    Ninety-day initial commitment to facility or outpatient treatment program--Release--Transportation--Notice of right to appeal.

27A-10-9.2    Medical treatment for mental illness or treatment of co-occurring substance use disorder.

27A-10-9.3    Least restrictive treatment alternative.

27A-10-9.4    Failure to comply with requirements of outpatient commitment or treatment order.

27A-10-9.5    Transportation by law enforcement--Limit upon detention and nonconsensual medication.

27A-10-9.6    Failure to comply with outpatient commitment or treatment order--Supplemental hearing--Alternative disposition.

27A-10-9.7    Detention by law enforcement officer for emergency intervention--Immunity from civil liability.

27A-10-10    27A-10-10 to 27A-10-13. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 220, §§ 122 to 125

27A-10-14    Review hearing after involuntary commitment order--Notice--Rights and procedures.

27A-10-15    Additional review hearings.

27A-10-16    Emergency apprehension--Evaluation by designated mental health professional.

27A-10-17    Prehearing admission and commitment denied if medical condition exceeds center's capacity.

27A-10-18    Refusal of admission and commitment when medical condition exceeds center's capacity.

27A-10-19    Twenty-four-hour hold permitted--Notice to county board.

27A-10-20    Definition of terms related to crisis referral and placement.

27A-10-21    Referral to mobile crisis team or crisis intervention team certified law enforcement officer--Voluntary resolution or placement.

27A-10-22    Discretion of law enforcement officer to arrest--Priority given to placement.

27A-10-23    Immunity from liability--Mobile crisis referral--Exception.

27A-10-24    Report to attorney general of certain names for reporting to National Instant Criminal Background Check System.