27A-15-3. Separation of minors from adult patients--Exception.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, a minor, whether admitted by a parent or involuntarily committed, may not be placed with adult patients, if the inpatient psychiatric facility maintains a separate unit for minors.

A minor may be admitted or committed to a facility that does not maintain a separate unit for minors, only for acute treatment and evaluation and only for a period not to exceed seven working days. The facility shall provide separate sleeping quarters and separate day areas in which adult patients are not permitted.

A patient who does not meet the definition of a minor, as set forth in § 27A-15-1, but is less than nineteen years of age, may be placed in a separate unit with minors if the patient:

(1)    Is enrolled in a high school or pursuing high school equivalency; and

(2)    Consents to the placement.

The facility shall provide a separate evaluation program for which specific guidelines must be approved by the Department of Health.

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