27A-15-1    Definition of terms.

27A-15-1.1    Serious emotional disturbance defined.

27A-15-2    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 150, § 20.

27A-15-3    Separation of minors from adult patients--Exception.

27A-15-4    Application for admission of minor--Emergency admission--Secretary and court not precluded from placing child upon recommendation of qualified mental health professional.

27A-15-5    Criteria for admission of minor.

27A-15-6    27A-15-6. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 189, § 8

27A-15-6.1    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 150, § 21.

27A-15-7    27A-15-7. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 189, § 9

27A-15-8    Execution of written application--Explanation of nature of inpatient status--Reference to service center for independent evaluation.

27A-15-9    Informed consent--Oral and written--Copy to parent and minor.

27A-15-10    Admission immediately upon determination that criteria met--Clinical evaluation--Continued admission--Delivery of clinical evaluation to parent.

27A-15-11    27A-15-11. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 189, § 13

27A-15-12    Discharge of minor upon written notice of parent's intent to terminate inpatient treatment--Emergency intervention.

27A-15-13    Denial of admission--Referral to other programs or services.

27A-15-14    27A-15-14, 27A-15-15. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 189, §§ 14, 15

27A-15-15.1    Objection to continued inpatient treatment--Form and execution.

27A-15-15.2    Filing written objection--Notice of right to counsel--Hearing--Possible discharge.

27A-15-15.3    Determination to hold hearing--Counsel appointed to minor--Attorney's conflict of interest.

27A-15-15.4    Time limit for hearing--Location--Expenses.

27A-15-15.5    Finding of hearing as to minor's residence--Parent's residence--Reopening hearing.

27A-15-15.6    Testimony of mental health professional--Alternatives to inpatient treatment.

27A-15-16    27A-15-16, 27A-15-17. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 189, §§ 16, 17

27A-15-17.1    Independent evaluation within twenty-four hours of objection.

27A-15-18    Discharge prior to hearing ordered by chairman of county board.

27A-15-19    Hearing following objection--Time limit.

27A-15-20    Overrule of minor's objection--Continued treatment or immediate discharge.

27A-15-21    Written comprehensive individualized treatment plan--Basis for plan.

27A-15-22    Review of treatment plan.

27A-15-23    Educational programming.

27A-15-24    Periodic evaluation.

27A-15-25    Minor to be informed of rights prior to sixteenth birthday--Informed consent required upon eighteenth birthday.

27A-15-26    Discharge upon determination that criteria no longer being met.

27A-15-27    Predischarge plan of aftercare.

27A-15-28    Involuntary commitment.

27A-15-29    Criteria governing involuntary commitment.

27A-15-30    Petition for immediate intervention for protection of minor with serious emotional disturbance--Contents.

27A-15-31    Apprehension and transportation of minor for involuntary commitment--Separation from adult detainees or patients.

27A-15-32    Apprehension by police officer for emergency intervention--Jail not used for custody of minor.

27A-15-33    Immediate notification of rights.

27A-15-34    Release if criteria not met--Transportation--Detention if criteria met.

27A-15-35    Appointment of counsel--Conflict of interest.

27A-15-36    Procedure if hearing to be held--Alternative treatment.

27A-15-37    Completion of hearing--Board's determination--Commitment or release.

27A-15-38    Time limit to implement individualized treatment plan--Purpose of plan.

27A-15-39    Educational programming for involuntarily committed minor.

27A-15-40    Periodic review following involuntary commitment--Assessment--Right to refuse treatment.

27A-15-41    Review hearing--Notice--Rights and procedures.

27A-15-42    Additional review hearings--Rights, procedures, and findings.

27A-15-43    Review of treatment plan.

27A-15-44    Predischarge plan of aftercare for involuntarily committed minor.

27A-15-45    Experimental treatments prohibited--Petition for authorization under certain circumstances.

27A-15-46    Oral and written informed consent of parent or guardian required for use of psychotropic medication on minor under sixteen.

27A-15-47    Oral and written informed consent of minor and parent required for use of psychotropic medication on minor sixteen or older.

27A-15-48    Right to refuse psychotropic medication, convulsive or shock therapy and electric shock--Exception--Parental consent--Judicial determination.

27A-15-49    Petition to continue treatment with psychotropic medication.

27A-15-50    Court-ordered medication or treatment--Time limit--Notification of parent or guardian--Termination of order.

27A-15-51    Treatments continuously monitored--Periodic review--Least restrictive treatment.

27A-15-52    27A-15-52, 27A-15-53. Repealed by SL 2001, ch 150, §§ 1, 2

27A-15-54    Mental health centers may designate interagency teams--Role of teams--Composition.

27A-15-55    27A-15-55 to 27A-15-58. Repealed by SL 2001, ch 150, §§ 4 to 7

27A-15-59    Immunity for local interagency team members.