27B-10-3. Petition to commit--Mental evaluation--Report--Additional examination and report permitted.

Within ten days of the filing of a petition for civil commitment pursuant to this chapter, the court shall appoint and order a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist to conduct a psychiatric or psychological evaluation of the person whose condition is the subject of the petition. The licensed psychologist or psychiatrist shall conduct the examination and prepare a report within fifteen days of receipt of the written notice from the court. The report must contain the information set forth in § 27B-10-4. The person has the right to obtain an additional examination paid for by the county in which the action is venued. Any report from an additional examination may be placed in evidence. The person must reimburse the county for the reasonable expense of the additional examination, unless the person is indigent. The county may file a lien for the cost of the additional examination and report upon the person's real and personal property.

Source: SL 2023, ch 92, § 3.