27B-3-1    27B-3-1 to 27B-3-7. Repealed by SL 2000, ch 131, § 1

27B-3-8    Acceptance and use of donations to institution--Records maintained.

27B-3-9    27B-3-9 to 27B-3-12. Repealed by SL 2000, ch 131, § 1

27B-3-13    Disposition of funds of deceased patient--County claim--Escheat to recreation fund.

27B-3-14    27B-3-14. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 16, § 46

27B-3-15    Location and name of Redfield institution--Control and supervision.

27B-3-16    Function and mission of South Dakota Developmental Center.

27B-3-17    Immunizations and tests for communicable diseases required for admission to facility--Alternatives.

27B-3-18    Tests and immunizations provided by facility.

27B-3-19    Appointment of director--Director's role.

27B-3-20    Unlawful detention of person with developmental disability.

27B-3-21    County review board may order commitment.

27B-3-22    Adults eligible for voluntary admission.

27B-3-23    Minors eligible for voluntary admission.

27B-3-24    Eligibility for voluntary admission.

27B-3-25    Comprehensive evaluation within thirty days of admission--Annual review.

27B-3-26    County auditor to be notified of admission.

27B-3-27    Liability of admittee for maintenance costs--Federal charges.

27B-3-28    Department responsible for processing fees due state.

27B-3-29    Periodic determination of individual maintenance costs.

27B-3-30    Full per diem rate charged to patient able to pay.

27B-3-31    Application to pay less than normal charges.

27B-3-32    Determination of amount to be paid by patient--Filing of grievance.

27B-3-33    Civil action for charges payable--Lien on property--Claim against decedent's estates.

27B-3-34    Limitation of actions for charges--Action during lifetime.

27B-3-35    County liable when not charged to state at large--Payments not admission of residency--Residency determination--Matching federal funds.

27B-3-36    Expenses for person with developmental disability under control of child welfare agency--Petition for guardianship.

27B-3-37    County assertion that person with developmental disability not a proper charge--Notice to file proofs--Investigation by attorney general--Notice of determination.

27B-3-38    Appeal to circuit court from attorney general's determination.

27B-3-39    Adjustment of payments by one county for residents of another.

27B-3-40    Monthly certification of charges to counties--Payments to state.

27B-3-41    Payments deposited in general fund.

27B-3-42    Transfer of resident from state facility to another--Notice before transfer--Emergency transfer.

27B-3-43    Consultation with family and interdisciplinary team before transfer to another state.

27B-3-44    Notice to voluntary resident of release procedures--Right to discharge.

27B-3-45    Temporary detention of voluntary resident--Emergency commitment procedures.

27B-3-46    Discharge of voluntarily admitted resident--Notice to parent or guardian.

27B-3-47    Return to facility of resident absent without authority.

27B-3-48    Notice to law enforcement officers of absence of resident without authority--Detention and return to facility.

27B-3-49    Secretary to be informed when no guardian or conservator of adult resident.

27B-3-50    Evaluation of competence of resident attaining adulthood.

27B-3-51    Secretary to be informed when no guardian for incompetent resident attaining adulthood.

27B-3-52    Criminal background investigation of new employees--Temporary employment--Fees.