29A-3-101    Devolution of estate at death; restrictions.

29A-3-102    Necessity of order of probate for will.

29A-3-103    Necessity of appointment for administration.

29A-3-104    Claims against decedent--Necessity of administration.

29A-3-105    Proceedings affecting devolution and administration--Jurisdiction of subject matter.

29A-3-106    29A-3-106. Reserved

29A-3-107    Scope of proceedings--Proceedings independent--Exception.

29A-3-108    Probate, testacy, and appointment proceedings--Ultimate time limit.

29A-3-109    Statutes of limitation on decedent's cause of action.

29A-3-201    Venue for first and subsequent estate proceedings--Location of property.

29A-3-202    Appointment or testacy proceedings--Conflicting claim of domicile in another state.

29A-3-203    Priority among persons seeking appointment as personal representative.

29A-3-204    Demand for notice of order or filing concerning decedent's estate.

29A-3-301    Informal probate or appointment proceedings--Application--Contents.

29A-3-302    Informal probate--Duty of clerk--Effect of informal probate.

29A-3-303    Informal probate--Proof and findings required.

29A-3-304    29A-3-304. Reserved

29A-3-305    Informal probate--Clerk not satisfied.

29A-3-306    Informal probate--Notice requirements.

29A-3-307    Informal appointment proceedings--Delay in order--Duty of Clerk--Effect of appointment.

29A-3-308    Informal appointment proceedings--Proof and findings required.

29A-3-309    Informal appointment proceedings--Clerk not satisfied.

29A-3-310    Informal appointment proceedings--Notice requirements.

29A-3-311    Informal appointment unavailable in certain cases.

29A-3-401    Formal testacy proceedings--Nature--When commenced.

29A-3-402    Formal testacy or appointment proceedings--Petition; contents.

29A-3-403    Formal testacy proceedings--Notice of hearing on petition.

29A-3-404    Formal testacy proceedings--Written objections to probate.

29A-3-405    Formal testacy proceedings--Uncontested cases--Hearings and proof.

29A-3-406    Formal testacy proceedings--Contested cases--Testimony of attesting witnesses.

29A-3-407    Formal testacy proceedings--Burdens in contested cases.

29A-3-408    Formal testacy proceedings--Will construction--Effect of final order in another jurisdiction.

29A-3-409    Formal testacy proceedings--Order--Foreign will.

29A-3-410    Formal testacy proceedings--Probate of more than one instrument.

29A-3-411    Formal testacy proceedings--Partial intestacy.

29A-3-412    Formal testacy proceedings--Effect of order--Vacation.

29A-3-413    29A-3-413. Reserved

29A-3-414    Formal proceedings concerning appointment of personal representative.

29A-3-501    Supervised administration--Nature of proceeding.

29A-3-502    Supervised administration--Petition--Order.

29A-3-503    Supervised administration--Effect on other proceedings.

29A-3-504    Supervised administration--Powers of personal representative.

29A-3-505    Supervised administration--Interim orders--Distribution and closing orders.

29A-3-601    Qualification.

29A-3-602    Acceptance of appointment--Consent to jurisdiction.

29A-3-603    Bond not required without court order, exceptions.

29A-3-604    Bond amount--Security--Procedure--Reduction.

29A-3-605    29A-3-605. Reserved

29A-3-606    Terms and conditions of bonds.

29A-3-607    Order restraining personal representative.

29A-3-608    Termination of appointment--General.

29A-3-609    Termination of appointment--Death or disability.

29A-3-610    Termination of appointment--Voluntary.

29A-3-611    Termination of appointment by removal--Cause; procedure.

29A-3-612    Termination of appointment--Change of testacy status.

29A-3-613    Successor personal representative.

29A-3-614    Special administrator--Appointment.

29A-3-615    Special administrator--Who may be appointed.

29A-3-616    Special administrator--Appointed informally--Powers and duties.

29A-3-617    Special administrator--Formal proceedings--Power and duties.

29A-3-618    Termination of appointment--Special administrator.

29A-3-701    Time of accrual of duties and powers.

29A-3-702    Priority among different letters.

29A-3-703    General duties--Relation and liability to persons interested in estate--Standing to sue.

29A-3-704    Personal representative to proceed without court order--Exception.

29A-3-705    Duty of personal representative--Information to heirs and devisees.

29A-3-706    Duty of personal representative--Inventory and appraisement.

29A-3-707    Employment of appraisers.

29A-3-708    Duty of personal representative--Supplementary inventory.

29A-3-709    Duty of personal representative--Possession of estate.

29A-3-710    Power to avoid transfers.

29A-3-711    Powers of personal representatives--In general.

29A-3-712    Improper exercise of power--Breach of fiduciary duty.

29A-3-713    Sale, encumbrance, or transaction involving conflict of interest--Voidable--Exceptions.

29A-3-714    Persons dealing with personal representative--Protection.

29A-3-715    Transactions authorized for personal representatives--Exceptions.

29A-3-716    Powers and duties of successor personal representative.

29A-3-717    Co-representatives--When joint action required.

29A-3-718    Powers of surviving personal representative.

29A-3-719    Compensation of personal representative.

29A-3-720    Expenses in estate litigation.

29A-3-721    Proceedings for review of employment of agents and compensation of personal representatives and employees of estate.

29A-3-801    Notice to creditors.

29A-3-802    Statutes of limitations.

29A-3-803    Limitations on presentation of claims.

29A-3-804    Manner of presentation of claims.

29A-3-805    Classification of claims.

29A-3-806    Allowance of claims.

29A-3-807    Payment of claims.

29A-3-808    Individual liability of personal representative.

29A-3-809    Secured claims.

29A-3-810    Claims not due and contingent or unliquidated claims.

29A-3-811    Counterclaims.

29A-3-812    Execution and levies prohibited.

29A-3-813    Compromise of claims.

29A-3-814    Encumbered assets.

29A-3-815    Administration in more than one state--Duty of personal representative.

29A-3-816    Final distribution to domiciliary representative.

29A-3-817    Department of Social Services' claim for indebtedness incurred by paying for medical assistance or care.

29A-3-901    Successors' rights if no administration.

29A-3-902    Abatement--Order and amount.

29A-3-903    Right of retainer.

29A-3-904    Interest on general pecuniary devise.

29A-3-905    Penalty clause for contest.

29A-3-906    Distribution in kind--Valuation--Method.

29A-3-907    Distribution in kind--Evidence.

29A-3-908    Distribution--Right or title of distributee.

29A-3-909    Improper distribution--Liability of distributee.

29A-3-910    Purchasers from distributees protected.

29A-3-911    Partition for purpose of distribution.

29A-3-912    Private agreements among successors to decedent binding on personal representative.

29A-3-913    29A-3-913. Reserved

29A-3-914    Disposition of unclaimed assets.

29A-3-915    Distribution to person under disability.

29A-3-916    Apportionment of estate taxes.

29A-3-1001    Formal proceedings terminating administration--Testate or intestate--Order of general protection.

29A-3-1002    29A-3-1002. Reserved

29A-3-1003    Closing estates--By sworn statement of personal representative.

29A-3-1004    Liability of distributees to claimants.

29A-3-1005    Limitations on proceedings against personal representatives.

29A-3-1006    Limitations on actions and proceedings against distributees.

29A-3-1007    Certificate discharging liens securing fiduciary performance.

29A-3-1008    Subsequent administration.

29A-3-1101    Effect of approval of agreements involving trusts, inalienable interests, or interests of third persons.

29A-3-1102    Procedure for securing court approval of compromise.

29A-3-1201    Collection of personal property by affidavit.

29A-3-1202    Effect of affidavit.

29A-3-1203    Succession to real property by affidavit.