29A-5-408. Annual accounting--Conservator--When filed.

A conservator shall file an accounting with the court within sixty days following the first anniversary of the appointment and:

(1)    At least annually thereafter;

(2)    When the court orders additional accounts to be filed;

(3)    When the conservator resigns or is removed; and

(4)    When the conservatorship is terminated.

A conservator may elect to file a periodic accounting on a calendar-year basis. However, in no event may such an accounting cover a period of more than one year. A calendar-year report shall be filed with the court no later than April fifteenth of the succeeding year.

An accounting shall include:

(1)    A listing of the receipts, disbursements, and distributions from the estate under the conservator's control during the period covered by the account;

(2)    A listing of the estate;

(3)    The services being provided to the protected person;

(4)    The significant actions taken by the conservator during the reporting period;

(5)    A recommendation as to the continued need for conservatorship and any recommended changes in the scope of the conservatorship;

(6)    Any other information requested by the court or useful in the opinion of the conservator;

(7)    The compensation requested and the reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by the conservator;

(8)    An annual inventory of any item of tangible personal property with a value of two thousand five hundred dollars or more which has come into the conservator's possession or knowledge for the minor or protected person; and

(9)    The date on which the conservator completed the training curricula required pursuant to § 29A-5-119.

A conservator shall mail a copy of the accounting to the individuals and entities specified in § 29A-5-410 no later than fourteen days following its filing. A conservator shall notify all persons receiving the accounting that they must present written objections within sixty days after receipt or be barred from thereafter objecting.

Upon filing an objection, any interested person may request a hearing on the accounting. The court may order the conservator to attend the hearing on an account on the court's own motion or on the petition of any interested person. An accounting by a conservator may be incorporated into and made a part of the report of the guardian if the same individual holds both appointments.

Subject to written objection, appeal, or vacation within the time permitted, an order allowing an account of a conservator adjudicates as to liabilities concerning all matters disclosed in the account.

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