29A-5-101    Citation of chapter.

29A-5-102    Definition of terms.

29A-5-103    Application of chapter.

29A-5-104    Application of circuit court rules of procedure.

29A-5-105    29A-5-105. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 167, § 177.

29A-5-106    Application of chapter to person other than parent seeking custody of child--Limitations--Effect of chapter on other law.

29A-5-106.1    Applicability of §§ 29A-5-106, 29A-5-106.1 and chapter 25-5.

29A-5-107    29A-5-107. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 175, § 52.

29A-5-108    Filing petition for appointment--Jurisdiction.

29A-5-109    Transfer of jurisdiction following appointment.

29A-5-110    Appointment of individual or entity--Qualifications.

29A-5-111    Filing of acceptance and bond--Amount of bond--Notice of nonrenewal.

29A-5-112    Action for breach of bond--Time limit.

29A-5-113    Designation of agent for non-resident guardian or conservator.

29A-5-114    Petition for appointment by guardian or conservator appointed in another state.

29A-5-115    Payment or delivery to nonresident conservator or like fiduciary--Proof of appointment.

29A-5-116    Compensation of guardian, conservator, attorneys, and other appointed individuals.

29A-5-117    Appointment of attorney, guardian ad litem, or court representative.

29A-5-118    Effect--Appointment--Guardian--Conservator--Minor--Protected Person.

29A-5-119    Training curricula for persons appointed as guardians and conservators.

29A-5-201    Appointment of guardian or conservator of minor.

29A-5-202    Nomination of guardian or conservator by minor or parent.

29A-5-203    Who may file petition for appointment--Contents of petition.

29A-5-204    Notice of appointment hearing--Exception.

29A-5-205    Court appointment of attorney to protect minor's interest--Investigation by court-appointed representative.

29A-5-206    Filing of minor's financial statement.

29A-5-207    Certain documents to be sealed--Available to certain persons.

29A-5-208    Hearing--Convenience--Participants--Determination of appointment--Findings and conclusions.

29A-5-209    Mailing copy of appointment order.

29A-5-210    Appointment of temporary guardian or conservator.

29A-5-301    Appointment of guardian or conservator of protected person.

29A-5-302    Appointment of guardian where capacity lacking to meet requirements for health, care, safety, habilitation, or therapeutic needs.

29A-5-303    Persons for whom conservator may be appointed.

29A-5-304    Nomination of guardian or conservator by protected person--Appointment in absence of effective nomination--Designated individual--Multiple appointments.

29A-5-305    Who may file petition--Contents of petition.

29A-5-306    Report to be included with petition--Contents.

29A-5-307    Filing financial statement of protected person.

29A-5-308    Notice of hearing for protected person.

29A-5-309    Contest of appointment by protected person.

29A-5-310    Duties of court representative.

29A-5-311    Protected person's pre-hearing record sealed.

29A-5-312    Hearing for alleged person in need of protection--Duty of jury--Duty of court.

29A-5-313    Mailing appointment order to protected person.

29A-5-314    Issuing letter of guardianship or conservatorship.

29A-5-315    Temporary guardian or conservator of protected person.

29A-5-401    Responsibility of guardian of minor--Authority with regard to guardian appointed under other chapters.

29A-5-402    Responsibility of guardian of protected person.

29A-5-403    Annual report--Guardian of protected person--When filed.

29A-5-404    Responsibilities of minor's conservator.

29A-5-405    Responsibilities of conservator of protected person.

29A-5-406    Protective arrangements for minors or protected persons.

29A-5-407    Inventory of minor's or protected person's real and personal estate.

29A-5-408    Annual accounting--Conservator--When filed.

29A-5-409    Waiver of accounting requirements--Change in frequency of accountings.

29A-5-410    Notice of hearing on petition for order subsequent to appointment.

29A-5-411    Powers of conservator.

29A-5-412    Confirmation of sale of real estate.

29A-5-413    Restrictions on conservator of minor or protected person.

29A-5-414    Liability of guardian for acts of minor or protected person.

29A-5-415    Liability of conservator on contracts entered into during administration of estate--Torts--Successor conservator.

29A-5-416    Multiple guardians--Majority concurrence.

29A-5-417    Presumption of authority of guardian or conservator.

29A-5-418    Filing letters of conservatorship--Proper county--Constructive notice.

29A-5-419    Court's authority to limit powers--Authorization sought by guardian or conservator.

29A-5-420    Court authorized powers of protected person's conservator--Considerations--Hearing--Protected person's will.

29A-5-421    Restriction of protected person's interaction with family prohibited--Exceptions.

29A-5-422    Presumption of protected person's consent or refusal based on proof of relationship.

29A-5-423    Court action to restrict interaction with family member.

29A-5-424    Good cause factors for restricting interaction.

29A-5-425    Types of restrictions--Supervised interaction.

29A-5-426    Proceedings for violation of court order or abuse of discretion by guardian or conservator--Removal.

29A-5-427    Interested party--Access to medical and financial records.

29A-5-428    Protected person--Alleged abuse, neglect, or self-dealing by the guardian or conservator.

29A-5-501    Termination of guardian's or conservator's appointment--Liability for prior acts.

29A-5-502    Appointment of additional guardians or conservators--Successors.

29A-5-503    Petition to resign as guardian or conservator.

29A-5-504    Petition to remove guardian or conservator--Reasons for removal.

29A-5-505    Termination of guardianship or conservatorship upon minor's death or majority--Adoption or emancipation of minor.

29A-5-506    Termination of guardianship or conservatorship of minor when no longer needed--Investigation by court representative.

29A-5-507    Termination of guardianship or conservatorship upon death of protected person.

29A-5-508    Termination, revocation or modification of guardian or conservator--Modification of limited guardianship or limited conservatorship--Investigation by court representative--Records sealed.

29A-5-509    Hearing on petition to terminate, revoke, or modify--Jury--Duty of court.

29A-5-510    State as conservator of protected person--Distribution of assets upon death.