3-13A-1    Special pay retirement program established.

3-13A-2    Definitions.

3-13A-3    Special pay fund.

3-13A-4    Board controls program as fiduciary--Promulgation of rules.

3-13A-5    Transfer of special pay to fund upon termination of employment--Contribution limit.

3-13A-6    Time for transfer of compensation to trust.

3-13A-7    Participant account.

3-13A-8    Vesting of participant account--Forfeiture.

3-13A-9    Investment of funds.

3-13A-10    Lump-sum distribution to participant.

3-13A-11    Investment alternatives--Transfer of account balances by participant

3-13A-12    Transfer of funds from terminated investment selection.

3-13A-13    Allocation of investment return among participant accounts--Accounting dates.

3-13A-14    Valuation of investment alternatives.

3-13A-15    Beneficiaries of participant's account.

3-13A-16    Payments and benefits under program not assignable or subject to creditors' actions.

3-13A-17    Powers and duties of executive director.

3-13A-18    Election by participating units of retirement system to participate in program--Rescission of participation.

3-13A-19    Trustee-to-trustee transfer of participant's account to government defined-benefit retirement plan.

3-13A-20    Rollover transfer of participant's account.

3-13A-21    Rollover transfer of participant's account in another plan.

3-13A-22    Distribution from participant's account--Forms of distribution--Time for election.

3-13A-23    Annuity distributions date.

3-13A-23.1    Required minimum distributions--General rule.

3-13A-23.2    Required minimum distributions--Participant's death after distributions begun.

3-13A-23.3    Required minimum distributions--Participant's death before distributions begun.

3-13A-23.4    Required minimum distributions--Reasonable and made in good faith.

3-13A-23.5    Required minimum distributions--Participant's death after December 31, 2021.

3-13A-23.6    Required minimum distributions--Waiver of 2020.

3-13A-24    State investment officer to act as fiduciary--Certain persons prohibited from acting as third-party administrator or vendor.

3-13A-25    Limitation of liability to participants.