3-17-1    Removal of constitutional state officers by Governor--Grounds--Notice and hearing.

3-17-2    Removal of appointive state officers by Governor without cause.

3-17-3    Removal of local law enforcement officers by Governor--Grounds.

3-17-4    Notice and hearing on removal of law enforcement officer.

3-17-5    Law enforcement officer removed from office not eligible for new appointment during term--Salary payment for office as misdemeanor.

3-17-6    Grounds for removal of local officers from office.

3-17-7    Proceedings for removal of local officer--Pleadings and process.

3-17-8    Suspension of local officer pending removal proceedings.

3-17-9    Judgment of ouster in removal proceedings--Enforcement of judgment--Salary during period of suspension if officer vindicated.

3-17-10    Officer allowed expenses of defense after judgment for him in removal proceedings.

3-17-11    Advancement of appeals on Supreme Court calendar--Circuit court order not stayed pending appeal.

3-17-12    Suspension of state's attorney or sheriff pending prosecution.

3-17-13    Effect of suspension.

3-17-14    Appointment of acting state's attorney or sheriff.

3-17-15    Compensation of acting state's attorney or sheriff.

3-17-16    Powers and duties of acting state's attorney or sheriff.

3-17-17    Restoration of state's attorney or sheriff to office.

3-17-18    Time for trial of state's attorney or sheriff.

3-17-19    Removal provisions unaffected.

3-17-20    Suspension of certain county officials pending completion of criminal prosecution--Appointment of person to discharge duties--Restoration to office.

3-17-21    Leave of absence status of suspended person.

3-17-22    Compensation and duties of temporary appointee.

3-17-23    Suspension of county commissioner pending completion of criminal prosecution--Restoration to office.

3-17-24    Removal from office provisions unaffected.