3-18-1    Employees subject to chapter--Rights preserved to excluded persons.

3-18-1.1    "Grievance" defined.

3-18-2    Rights relating to labor organizations--Designation of representatives--Discrimination against employees exercising rights as misdemeanor--Good faith negotiations--Intimidation.

3-18-3    Exclusive representation by designated representatives--Right to adjust grievances preserved.

3-18-3.1    Unfair practices of employers defined.

3-18-3.2    Unfair practices of employee organizations defined.

3-18-3.3    Rules on unfair practices.

3-18-3.4    Time for filing complaint on unfair practice.

3-18-4    Investigation and hearing on refusal to grant formal recognition or on question of designation of representation unit.

3-18-5    Question on representative of employees--Petition for investigation or certification--Hearing to ascertain representatives for formal recognition.

3-18-6    Promulgation of rules of procedure for elections and negotiations.

3-18-6.1    3-18-6.1. Repealed by SL 1979, ch 21, § 4.

3-18-7    Tentative settlement between labor or employee organization and designated representatives of agency--Action by governing body or officer.

3-18-8    Implementation of settlement between labor or employee organization and governing body.

3-18-8.1    Intervention by department on failure to reach agreement.

3-18-8.2    Issuance of contracts by school districts prior to reaching agreement--Terms and conditions.

3-18-9    Strike defined.

3-18-10    Strikes prohibited--Right to submission of grievance.

3-18-11    Consent to strikes by supervisors prohibited--Discharge from employment for submission of grievance prohibited.

3-18-12    3-18-12, 3-18-13. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 33, §§ 1, 2.

3-18-14    Injunctive relief in case of strike.

3-18-15    Right of employee or representative to expression or communication of grievance not limited.

3-18-15.1    Grievance procedures to be established.

3-18-15.2    Appeal to department--Investigation, hearing, and order by department--Summary disposition of certain claims--Public employees of Board of Regents.

3-18-15.3    Grievance procedure adopted in absence of agency action.

3-18-15.4    Change in policies not prohibited--Contractual rights preserved.

3-18-15.5    Grievance procedures for employees of political subdivisions.

3-18-16    Proceedings to establish nonparticipation in strike--Request by employee--Time for proceedings.

3-18-17    Review by trial de novo of decision establishing violation.

3-18-18    Rejected by referendum.