3-22-2Definition of terms.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "PEPL," the public entity pool for liability established pursuant to this chapter;

(2)    "Bureau," the Bureau of Human Resources and Administration;

(3)    "Covered claim," a claim or civil action arising in tort from the operation of a motor vehicle, a ministerial act, or another act for which coverage is provided under the PEPL coverage document;

(4)    "Coverage document," the written agreement between the director and the Governor setting forth the terms, conditions, limits, and scope of coverage provided by PEPL for a covered claim;

(5)    "Director," the director of PEPL appointed by the commissioner of human resources and administration pursuant to this chapter;

(6)    "Employee," any permanent or temporary employee or elected or appointed officer of any state entity whether compensated or not;

(7)    "Fund," the public entity pool for liability fund established pursuant to this chapter; and

(8)    "State entity," the State of South Dakota and all of its branches, agencies, boards and commissions.

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