3-6C-20. Holiday benefit eligibility.

Holidays, other than Sundays, enumerated in § 1-5-1, are a benefit for permanent employees including those who are not scheduled to work the day on which a holiday falls. A permanent employee shall receive holiday pay if the employee works at least one shift or is on approved paid leave during the calendar week in which the holiday falls. Part-time permanent employees shall receive prorated holiday pay. For payroll and leave purposes, a holiday on which an employee does not work is no more than eight hours long. When an hourly employee must work on the date a holiday is observed, the holiday pay is the greater of either eight hours or the total hours worked. Holiday pay for an hourly, permanent, part-time employee who must work on the date a holiday is observed is the greater of either the prorated amount or total hours worked.

Source: SL 2012, ch 23, § 31; SL 2019, ch 21, § 19; SL 2022, ch 12, § 1.