3-6C-1    Definition of terms in chapters 3-6C to 3-6F.

3-6C-2    Human resources functions of bureau--Delegation.

3-6C-3    Temporary, patient, and student employees' holiday compensation.

3-6C-4    Vacation leave--Accrual and accumulation--Advanced leave.

3-6C-5    Repealed.

3-6C-6    Vacation on retirement or resignation--Lump-sum payment option--Payment upon death.

3-6C-7    Sick leave--Accrual and accumulation--Medical certificate--Vacation leave used for sickness--Personal emergency leave--Promulgation of rules.

3-6C-7.1    Paid family leave.

3-6C-8    Accrual of leave while receiving workers' compensation.

3-6C-9    Advanced sick leave.

3-6C-10    Workers' compensation not payable while on vacation or sick leave.

3-6C-11    Use of sick pay or vacation pay to supplement workers' compensation.

3-6C-12    Payment for accrued unused sick leave on termination of employment.

3-6C-13    Donation of accrued vested leave to another employee--Approval by bureau.

3-6C-14    Restrictions on donation of leave.

3-6C-15    Donation of vacation leave to recipient caring for terminally ill family member--Approval by bureau.

3-6C-16    Accrued leave transferred when employee transferred between agencies.

3-6C-17    Leave of absence without pay.

3-6C-18    Leave and other benefits--Promulgation of rules.

3-6C-19    Freedom of speech of officers and employees--Restrictive rules prohibited.

3-6C-20    Holiday benefit eligibility.

3-6C-21    Leave from work for American Red Cross disaster service volunteers.

3-6C-22    Disaster service not to affect other benefits.

3-6C-23    Appointing authority to have exclusive authority over final selection of employees.

3-6C-24    Personnel records.

3-6C-25    Student intern preference to South Dakota residents or students.

3-6C-26    Executive branch employees--Access to confidential information--Criminal background checks--Promulgation of rules.