3-9-6. Delegation to responsible officers of power to authorize out-of-state travel--Federal regulations applicable.

The Governor may delegate to each responsible officer of any other department, agency, or institution the authority to grant written consent for official travel outside this state. The Governor may establish general guidelines for travel outside the state as the Governor deems appropriate. For each outside-the-state expenditure, there must be a record signed by the appropriate responsible officer authorizing the same. State agencies are permitted to follow federal regulations for payment of travel and other allowances to state employees, dependents of state employees, or to foreign nationals where the travel and other allowances are funded entirely by federal or private grants in support of international programs.

Source: SDC 1939, § 48.0604 (4) as enacted by SL 1968, ch 194; SL 1979, ch 24; SL 2023, ch 3, § 19.