31-12A-1    Incorporation of road district.

31-12A-1.1    Formation--Election--Qualification.

31-12A-1.2    Eligible voter and landowner defined.

31-12A-2    Application for organization of road district--Verified survey and map required.

31-12A-3    Filing of petition--Contents.

31-12A-4    Public examination of survey, map, and petition.

31-12A-5    31-12A-5. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 46, § 9.

31-12A-5.1    Territory within subdivision jurisdiction of municipality--Requirement for approval of petition.

31-12A-5.2    Transfer of jurisdiction over public highway to road district prohibited.

31-12A-6    Order declaring territory incorporated--Name of district--Election.

31-12A-7    31-12A-7 to 31-12A-9. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 36, §§ 12 to 14

31-12A-10    Incorporation of district by majority vote--Exclusion of agricultural property from district by notice to county auditor--Notation on survey and map.

31-12A-11    Order of incorporation--Order as conclusive of fact of incorporation.

31-12A-12    District as governmental subdivision and public body.

31-12A-13    Expenditure of county funds authorized for application and election costs--Expenditure of transportation department funds allocated to county.

31-12A-14    31-12A-14. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 36, § 17

31-12A-15    Annual election of officers--Time and place--Conduct.

31-12A-15.1    Notice of meeting and election--Contents--Notice upon vacancy.

31-12A-16    Election of trustees at large--Terms of office--Annual elections.

31-12A-17    Nominations for trustee--Certificates of nomination.

31-12A-18    Trustees not compensated--Election of president.

31-12A-19    Rules and regulations of trustees--Meetings--Quorum.

31-12A-20    Record of proceedings required of trustees.

31-12A-20.1    Sanitary district assuming road district powers.

31-12A-21    Powers of trustees.

31-12A-22    Power of trustees to pass and enforce ordinances and regulations.

31-12A-23    Certification to county auditor of delinquent charges for services--Penalty and interest--Tax sale--Referendum on assessment or bond issue.

31-12A-24    Trustee and employee interest in contracts or other dealings of district prohibited--Exception.

31-12A-25    Laws applicable to proceedings for constructing roads, borrowing money, making special assessments, and issuing bonds.

31-12A-25.1    Roads as public highways--Vehicle or traffic regulations may be enforced by law enforcement officer.

31-12A-26    Road work projects outside district's area.

31-12A-27    Dissolution of road district by petition of voters--Procedure.

31-12A-28    Dissolution of road district by trustees.

31-12A-29    Consolidated road districts authorized--Governing body to propose consolidation by resolution.

31-12A-30    Proposed consolidation submitted to eligible voters at special election.

31-12A-31    Resolution declaring consolidated road district.

31-12A-32    Consolidated board of trustees.

31-12A-33    Consolidated road district does not acquire property or obligations of included road districts.

31-12A-34    Consolidated road district authorized to contract for property.

31-12A-35    Directors authorized to adjust boundaries of district--Limitations.

31-12A-36    Annexation of area--Procedures.