31-13-1    Township road system--Township board responsible for township roads.

31-13-1.1    Designation of minimum maintenance road--Level of maintenance.

31-13-1.2    Posting of warning signs on minimum maintenance roads.

31-13-1.3    Designation of full and minimum maintenance roads at annual meeting--Map.

31-13-1.4    Designation of no maintenance section line.

31-13-1.5    Posting of signs on no maintenance section line.

31-13-1.6    Designation of road unsafe for vehicle travel as no maintenance road.

31-13-1.7    Posting of signs that no vehicle travel is advised on no maintenance road.

31-13-2    Designation of board member as overseer--Compensation.

31-13-3    Hiring of help authorized.

31-13-3.1    Secondary road capital improvement fund.

31-13-4    Width of highway grades.

31-13-5    31-13-5, 31-13-6. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 145, §§ 1, 2

31-13-7    Written contracts required when let without advertising--Performance bond.

31-13-8    Payments on contracts.

31-13-9    Restriction on progress payments.

31-13-10    Township highway tax.

31-13-11    Township highway tax--Certification to county auditor--Collection.

31-13-12    County aid roads--Designation by county commissioners.

31-13-13    Joint contracts for construction and maintenance of township roads.

31-13-13.1    31-13-13.1. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 202, § 2

31-13-14    Motor vehicle license fees transferable to county.

31-13-15    Road districts.

31-13-16    Petition for improvement of road district--Notice to property owners.

31-13-17    Hearing on road district improvement--Assessments for improvement.

31-13-18    Affidavit of township failure to maintain mail route--Service of affidavit and notice on township.

31-13-19    County maintenance and repair of mail route or failure by township.

31-13-20    Payment from township funds for county repair and maintenance of mail routes--Expense limitation.

31-13-21    Registration of warrants when township funds insufficient to pay for repair of mail route--Call for payment.

31-13-22    Township snow removal reserve fund--Tax levy.

31-13-23    Intent of snow removal reserve fund law.

31-13-24    Expenditures from snow removal reserve fund.

31-13-25    Purposes of snow removal reserve fund.

31-13-26    Contracts for snow removal and repair of damages.

31-13-27    Snow removal contracts with or without advertising.

31-13-27.1    Snow creating emergency--Expenditures for removal without advertising for bids.

31-13-28    Accumulation of unexpended money as snow removal moneys.

31-13-29    Authority of township to open snowbound roads used for school bus routes.

31-13-30    Street improvements in unincorporated towns.

31-13-31    Validation of construction and repair contracts between townships and residents or landowners.

31-13-32    Improvement of platted streets by special assessment--Definition of terms.

31-13-33    Supervisors' resolution of necessity for improvement--Contents.

31-13-34    Combining of streets in one resolution--Uniformity required.

31-13-35    Combining of streets in one resolution when improvements not uniform.

31-13-36    Township assumption of cost--Referendum.

31-13-37    Publication of resolution--Notice of supervisors' meeting--Hearing of objections.

31-13-38    Resolution not requiring publication.

31-13-39    Notice by mail to property owners--Contents--Address to which sent.

31-13-40    Consideration of objections to improvement--Adoption of resolution--Notice to owners added by amendment.

31-13-41    Waiting period before actions on improvement--Ratification of prior actions.

31-13-42    Apportionment of benefits of improvement.

31-13-43    Costs paid by township--Deduction before assessment to property.

31-13-44    Assessment of costs to abutting property--Computation on front foot basis.

31-13-45    Assessment to nearby property of intersection costs.

31-13-46    Assessment according to special benefits--Investigation of benefits.

31-13-47    Intersection cost assumed by township.

31-13-48    Corner lot costs assumed by township or assessed to other property.

31-13-49    Cost assumed by township when street has been previously improved.

31-13-50    Use of special assessment law.

31-13-51    Annual front foot assessment for maintenance and repairs.

31-13-52    Levy of special assessments--Addition to general levy--Review and equalization.

31-13-53    Records maintained by township clerk--Destruction of certain records.

31-13-54    Contracts and assessments not invalidated by defects--Supervisors' determination conclusive.

31-13-55    Indemnity requirement for construction or survey work within road right-of-way.

31-13-56    Removal of baled or stacked foliage from right-of-way--Violation as petty offense.

31-13-57    Private landowner assessed for erosion repair costs.

31-13-58    Approval of conservation district for repair of erosion damage--Notice to landowner--Declaration.