31-17-1    County highway system on state line--Agreements for assignment of responsibility.

31-17-2    Roads crossing county lines--Division of responsibility.

31-17-3    Roads crossing county lines--Appeal to Transportation Commission on division of responsibility.

31-17-4    County highway system on county line--Effect of assignment to county.

31-17-5    Secondary highway on county line--Assignment of responsibility.

31-17-6    Secondary highway on township line--Assignment of responsibility.

31-17-7    Boundary line highways between organized townships--Equal contribution by townships required unless mutual agreement reached.

31-17-8    Township boundary line highways--Resolution calling for contribution.

31-17-9    Township boundary line highways--Service of resolution--Notice of meetings.

31-17-10    Township boundary line highways--Purpose of joint meeting.

31-17-11    Township boundary line highways--Action brought on failure to agree on contribution.

31-17-12    Township boundary line highways--Parties and procedure in action to require contribution.

31-17-13    Township boundary line highways--Complaint and answer in action to require contribution.

31-17-14    Township boundary line highways--Judgment in action to require contribution.

31-17-15    Township boundary line highways--Cumulative effect of provisions for equal contribution.

31-17-16    Secondary highway on municipal boundary--Responsibility.

31-17-17    County highway on municipal boundary--Responsibility.