31-26-25. Construction of rural water or livestock pipeline on public highway--Application--Countywide authorization--Ordinance--Nature of interest.

Any person desiring to construct or lay a water pipeline over, across, or under public highways, except state trunk system highways, for the purpose of providing rural water service, or providing water to livestock on property that is taxed as agricultural land, must make application to the board of county commissioners as provided in this chapter. Upon application, the board of county commissioners may grant countywide authorization for the construction of rural water service lines or lines that water livestock, subject to the provisions of this chapter. The board of county commissioners may enact ordinances governing pipelines and grant authorization to the highway superintendent to approve rural water service lines without application to the board. County approval of a pipeline authorized under this section creates no ownership interest and is a temporary grant to utilize the highway.

Source: SL 1977, ch 244, § 1; SL 1979, ch 199, §§ 1, 2; SL 2023, ch 96, § 1.