31-26-1    Application to board of county commissioners to erect poles and wires or to bury cable for electricity and telephone--Period covered by application--Regulation by Legislature.

31-26-2    Exclusive grant prohibited.

31-26-3    Location of poles, fixtures or underground cable--Appeal to commission and circuit court--Procedure.

31-26-4    Change of line upon change of highway--Notice.

31-26-5    Lines or cable maintained in accordance with National Electrical Safety Code--Compliance establishes due care in negligence claim.

31-26-6    Negligent construction of lines--Inductive interference--Expense of correction--Burden of proof--Liability in absence of negligence--Lines properly constructed.

31-26-7    Telephone lines--Compliance with other statutes.

31-26-8    "Person" including other entities.

31-26-9    Noncompliance with requirements as petty offense.

31-26-10    Application to county auditor--Telephone lines excepted.

31-26-11    Contents of application--Central plant location--Route--Telephone lines.

31-26-12    Rural electrification lines throughout county--Definition of rural electrification.

31-26-13    Application presented to board of county commissioners--Notice of hearing.

31-26-14    Action by board--Period of delay.

31-26-15    Application granted--Adjustment with other utilities--Apportionment of costs--Telephone companies.

31-26-16    Conformity to public utilities commission order.

31-26-17    Appeal by aggrieved parties--Trial de novo--Appeal during vacation.

31-26-18    Change of route--Change by county board--Appeal--Procedure.

31-26-19    Minimum height of utility lines--Liability for damage to lines below minimum height.

31-26-20    Cost of adjusting lines to minimum height--Acquisition of new highway right-of-way--Items excluded from cost.

31-26-21    Liability for damage for negligent construction or maintenance of line.

31-26-22    Electrical lines, pipelines, communication lines and other utilities--Permits--Rules--Compliance with National Electrical Safety Code establishes due care in negligence claim.

31-26-23    Relocation or removal of electrical lines, communication lines, and pipelines--Procedural requirements.

31-26-23.1    Agreements with owners of utility lines and facilities for future relocation--Limitation.

31-26-24    Rural water pipelines covered by chapter.

31-26-25    Construction of rural water or livestock pipeline on public highway--Application--Countywide authorization--Ordinance--Nature of interest.

31-26-26    Relocation of pipeline--When required.

31-26-26.1    Relocation of a livestock pipeline--Request--Approval.

31-26-26.2    Liability on construction or maintenance of pipeline--County recovery--Venue.

31-26-27    Municipal utility lines--Provisions applicable.