31-32-1    Intentionally damaging highway or bridge--Felony.

31-32-2    31-32-2, 31-32-3. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 242, § 18

31-32-3.1    Intentional dumping on highway right-of-way prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

31-32-3.2    Authorized dumping on highway right-of-way.

31-32-4    Intentional destruction of tollhouse or turnpike gate--Felony.

31-32-5    Placing barbed wire across traveled road without visible obstruction--Petty offense--Civil liability.

31-32-6    Duty to notify where bridge or highway is obstructed.

31-32-7    Destruction, etc., of highway grade or ditch--Violation as misdemeanor.

31-32-8    Civil liability for violating § 31-32-3.1, 31-32-6, or 31-32-7--Attorney fees.

31-32-9    Duty of governing body to remove obstructions or repair--Recovery of expense from wrongdoer--Temporary obstruction for building purposes.

31-32-10    Duty of governing body to give notice of dangerous road--Time for notice--Guards--Guards along abandoned roadway--Violation as petty offense.

31-32-11    31-32-11. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 4, § 8

31-32-12    Bridges over ditches and canals excepted from notice requirements.

31-32-13    Business requiring use of highway by customers as misdemeanor--Exceptions.

31-32-14    Approved ingress and egress excepted from highway use restriction.

31-32-15    Unlawful use of right-of-way as public nuisance.

31-32-16    Objects likely to fall on highway as public nuisance.

31-32-17    Negotiation with owner for abatement of nuisance.

31-32-18    Failure of owner to abate nuisance--Civil action--Cost charged against owner.