31-34-5. Criteria for award--Application resubmission.

The board of county commissioners shall, at a minimum, consider the following criteria in awarding rural access infrastructure grants:

(1)    Traffic use of the highway;

(2)    Public safety;

(3)    Residential, commercial, recreational, and other uses of the highway;

(4)    Cost of the project;

(5)    Length of detour if the project is not completed;

(6)    Number of residences, farms, and ranches served by the project;

(7)    Contribution from the township or others to the project and the ability of the township to fund the project without utilizing the rural access infrastructure fund;

(8)    Confirmation the project is not located on a no maintenance road;

(9)    Hydrological impact;

(10)    If the highway does not terminate into a field entrance, driveway, single residence, farm, or ranch;

(11)    The application, or group of applications, that best serves the citizens of this state; and

(12)    Any other matters deemed applicable by the board of county commissioners.

The decisions of the county commissioners must be final and nonappealable. However, a denied application may be submitted in a subsequent year.

Source: SL 2021, ch 129, § 5, eff. Mar. 25, 2021; SL 2024, ch 106, § 2.