31-34-7. Township eligibility--Contents of plan--Updates.

To be eligible to receive funding from the rural access infrastructure fund established under this chapter, a township shall, each year by August thirty-first, submit to the county that township is located in, a township small structure improvement plan and any updates shall be made in accordance with this section. The township small structure improvement plan shall include:

(1)    One or more maps showing the location of all small structures within the township;

(2)    The location, width, and length of each small structure;

(3)    A report on the condition of each small structure;

(4)    Whether the small structure is posted for load capacity, and if so, what the posted limits are;

(5)    A list of all small structure improvement projects proposed to be undertaken by the township over the next five years including the location of the project, type of project, source of funding for the project, estimated cost of the project, and the year the project is proposed to be completed; and

(6)    Such additional items as may be prescribed by the Department of Transportation.

Source: SL 2021, ch 129, § 7, eff. Mar. 25, 2021; SL 2022, ch 92, § 5.