32-10-17. Issuance of plates or registration cards--Paper or electronic proof--Fees.

The administrator shall register the vehicles described and identified in an application pursuant to § 32-10-15 and shall issue a license plate or plates, or a vehicle registration card, or other suitable identification device, for each vehicle described in the application upon payment of the fees for registration and licensing and for the vehicle registration cards or other identification devices. A fee of three dollars must be paid for each card or device issued for each proportionally registered vehicle. The card must, in addition to the information required by chapter 32-5, identify the number of the license or other device issued for the proportionally registered vehicle and must be carried in the vehicle at all times or, in the case of a combination, in the vehicle supplying the motive power. For purposes of this section, the operator may provide proof in either paper or electronic format including a display of an electronic image on an electronic device. In addition to the registration fees, the department shall collect from the owner seven dollars and fifty cents per license plate or set of plates when a plate is sent to the owner through the mail, or one dollar and fifty cents per decal or set of decals if a decal is sent to the owner through the mail. If the applicant requests that the plate or decal be express mailed, the applicant must pay any costs for the express mailing service.

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