32-10-1    Definitions.

32-10-2    Policy to encourage reciprocal or proportional registration agreements.

32-10-3    Authority of department to execute agreements, arrangements or declarations--Rules.

32-10-3.1    Repealed

32-10-3.2    Promulgation of rules for staggered registration system.

32-10-3.3    Fees paid pursuant to chapter--Calculation.

32-10-3.4    Staggered registration of interstate motor carriers.

32-10-4    Agreements with other states respecting taxes, fees, or charges against vehicles--Scope of agreement.

32-10-5    General terms of agreement--Reciprocity.

32-10-6    Fleet licensing--Apportionment of fees based on miles traveled.

32-10-7    Registration, license, or other fixed fees apportioned according to miles traveled.

32-10-8    Intrastate vehicles excepted--Intrastate vehicles operating under authority of public utilities commission.

32-10-9    32-10-9. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 18, § 21.

32-10-10    Administrator's authority to examine laws of foreign jurisdiction to determine local benefits.

32-10-11    Reciprocity--Local resident with vehicles registered out of state.

32-10-12    Eligibility for reciprocity--Annual statement--Contents.

32-10-13    Reciprocity--Leased vehicles operated by lessee.

32-10-14    Reciprocity--Extending privileges to out-of-state vehicles in absence of agreement.

32-10-15    Proportional registration of fleets of commercial vehicles in interstate commerce--Application to administrator--Contents of application.

32-10-16    Fee accompanying application--Computation of fee.

32-10-17    Issuance of plates or registration cards--Paper or electronic proof--Fees.

32-10-17.1    Alteration or forging of registration card prohibited--Violation as felony.

32-10-18    Computation of fees--Plate for power unit--Identification fee--Deposit of fees.

32-10-19    Refund of power unit fee no longer in use--Amount of refund.

32-10-20    Proportionally registered interstate fleet vehicles--Intrastate vehicles--Vehicles operating under authority of public utilities commission.

32-10-21    Proportional registration of vehicles subsequently added to proportionally registered fleet.

32-10-22    Withdrawal of vehicle from proportionally registered fleet--Surrender of proportional registration cards.

32-10-23    Application for proportional registration of interstate fleet--Contents of application--Computation of in-state miles.

32-10-24    Denial of proportional registration where foreign state denies similar registration.

32-10-25    Records kept for proportionally registered fleet--Inspection by administrator--Joint audits.

32-10-26    32-10-26. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 30, § 44; SL 1984, ch 207, § 78.

32-10-27    Statute as authority for proportional registration--Other statutes inapplicable.

32-10-28    Otherwise registered vehicles not required to be proportionally registered--Temporarily registered vehicles.

32-10-29    Suspension or cancellation of benefits to violating carrier.

32-10-29.1    Failure to surrender suspended, revoked or canceled plates or registration card as misdemeanor--Assistance by peace officers.

32-10-30    Form and filing of agreements made pursuant to statute--Access to instruments--Public distribution.

32-10-31    Agreements made prior to enactment of statute.

32-10-32    Construction of statute.

32-10-33    Severability and saving clause.

32-10-34    Possession of registration documents required--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-10-35    Disposition of fees collected.

32-10-36    Information required to title a vehicle.

32-10-37    Billing--Late penalty--Temporary operating authority--Failure to provide additional information--Penalty.

32-10-38    Unladen vehicle permits--Restrictions--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-10-39    Application for unladen vehicle permit.

32-10-40    Fuel tax returns and payment of fuel taxes.

32-10-41    Promulgation of rules regarding unladen vehicle permits.