32-12-1    Definitions.

32-12-1.1    Lawful status defined.

32-12-2    Payment of fee--Limitation on attempts to pass examination--Form.

32-12-3    Contents of application--Certification.

32-12-3.1    Identification to be submitted with application--Copy of documentation to be retained by department--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12-3.2    Promulgation of rules.

32-12-3.3    Evidence of lawful status in U.S. to be presented with application.

32-12-3.4    Evidence of social security number or nonwork authorized status to be presented with application.

32-12-3.5    Documents with applicant's name and residence address to be presented with application.

32-12-4    Examination of applicant--Place of examination--Time of examination.

32-12-4.1    Classes of vehicles--Qualifications and examination.

32-12-4.2    32-12-4.2 to 32-12-4.4. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 265, §§ 2 to 4.

32-12-4.5    Rules authorized for medical and vision standards of drivers.

32-12-4.6    32-12-4.6, 32-12-4.7. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 265, §§ 5, 6.

32-12-4.8    Low-speed vehicle operation.

32-12-5    32-12-5. Repealed by SL 1970, ch 172.

32-12-5.1    Denial of license or permit to person subject to convulsions or blackouts--Temporary permit on applicant's statement.

32-12-6    Minors under age of eighteen--Authorization by parental authority.

32-12-7    Cancellation on request of parental authority.

32-12-8    Cancellation upon death of parental authority--New application.

32-12-9    32-12-9. Superseded.

32-12-10    32-12-10. Transferred to § 32-12-3.1.

32-12-11    Application for license or permit--Persons at least fourteen and less than eighteen--Instruction permit--Restrictions.

32-12-11.1    Motorcycle instruction permit--Application requirements--Examination and fee--Restrictions.

32-12-12    Restricted minor's permit--Restrictions on operation.

32-12-12.1    Motorcycle restricted minor's permit--Application requirements--Examination and fee--Restrictions.

32-12-12.2    32-12-12.2. Repealed by SL 2010, ch 160, § 2.

32-12-12.3    Upgrading restricted minor's permit by mail or electronically.

32-12-12.4    Enforcement of prohibition of use of wireless communication device.

32-12-12.5    Restricted Minor's Permit--Passenger Limit.

32-12-13    Weight of vehicle operated under restricted minor's permit--Agricultural machinery.

32-12-14    Vehicles operable under restricted minor's permit.

32-12-14.1    Restrictions voided at age eighteen--Suspension or revocation for conviction committed before age eighteen.

32-12-15    Permits issued on a probationary basis--Suspension--Exception--Conviction prior to permit.

32-12-15.1    Suspension of permit upon conviction for violation of permit conditions.

32-12-16    Fee for original or renewal license--Fee for duplicate or changed license--Disposition of fee.

32-12-17    Issuance of license--Qualifications.

32-12-17.1    Issuance of motorcycle operator's license--Requirements.

32-12-17.2    Nondriver identification cards--Fee--Renewal and expiration.

32-12-17.3    Display or possession of canceled, fictitious or fraudulently altered nondriver identification card--Misdemeanor.

32-12-17.4    Unlawful use of nondriver identification card--Misdemeanor.

32-12-17.5    Displaying another's nondriver identification card--Misdemeanor.

32-12-17.6    Loaning nondriver identification card prohibited--Misdemeanor.

32-12-17.7    Bar code on license--Criminal information.

32-12-17.8    Bar code on license--Medical information.

32-12-17.9    Bar code on license--Information allowed.

32-12-17.10    Contents of license or permit--Barcode.

32-12-17.11    Maintenance of photographic files.

32-12-17.12    Registration with Selective Service as condition for obtaining certain licenses--Department to forward personal information to Selective Service--Application deemed consent to register with Selective Service.

32-12-17.13    Social security number on driver license or nondriver identification card prohibited.

32-12-17.14    Either driver license or nondriver identification card held by same person to be marked as not acceptable for federal purposes.

32-12-17.15    Veteran designation.

32-12-18    Surrender of previously issued license--Prohibition against more than one license--Temporary license issued when examination failed.

32-12-19    Temporary permit pending issuance of license.

32-12-20    Cancellation of license to which not entitled--Surrender of canceled license.

32-12-21    Privilege conferred by issuance of license--Authority of local governments.

32-12-22    Prohibition against driving without license--Misdemeanor.

32-12-22.1    License not required for operation of tractor or implement in farm operations--Operation within municipality prohibited after revocation or suspension of license.

32-12-23    Government employees exempt from licensing requirement.

32-12-24    Nonresident out-of-state licensee exempt from licensing requirement.

32-12-25    32-12-25. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 265, § 22.

32-12-26    Reciprocity respecting nonresident provisions.

32-12-26.1    Period of residency for purpose of licensing requirement.

32-12-27    Military personnel, domestic volunteers, and dependents with out-of-state license exempt.

32-12-28    Students in driver education class exempt from licensing requirement--Conditions attached to operation.

32-12-29    Unlicensable persons--Minors under sixteen--Exceptions.

32-12-30    Unlicensable persons--Suspended or revoked license or privilege to drive--Exceptions--Out-of-state suspension.

32-12-31    Unlicensable persons--Habitual alcohol or drug user.

32-12-32    Unlicensable persons--Physical or mental capability--Promulgation of rules.

32-12-33    Unlicensable persons--Failure to pass examination.

32-12-34    Unlicensable persons--Failure to deposit proof of financial responsibility.

32-12-35    Unlicensable persons--Driving inimical to public safety or welfare.

32-12-36    Issuance of restricted license.

32-12-36.1    32-12-36.1. Transferred to § 32-12-12.2.

32-12-37    Special restricted license--Restrictions stated upon ordinary license.

32-12-38    Violation of restriction--Suspension or revocation.

32-12-38.1    32-12-38.1. Transferred to § 32-12-15.1.

32-12-39    Requirement that license be in possession of driver--Display of license--Violation as petty offense.

32-12-40    Production of license in court--License expired for not more than thirty days--Postponement of sentencing pending renewal.

32-12-41    Lost or destroyed license--Issuance of duplicate--Fee--Affidavit.

32-12-42    Expiration of license or permit--Period for renewal--Application and fee--Waiver of tests.

32-12-42.1    Expiration of license, permit or identification card issued to individual under twenty-one years of age.

32-12-42.2    Expiration of license issued to person not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

32-12-43    Eyesight examination required for renewal--Exception.

32-12-43.1    Application by mail or electronically for replacement or renewal.

32-12-43.2    Promulgation of rules on renewal by mail or electronic renewal.

32-12-44    32-12-44, 32-12-44.1. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 253, §§ 3, 4.

32-12-45    Extended term of license or permit held by active duty member of armed forces, spouse, or dependent--Renewal.

32-12-45.1    32-12-45.1. Repealed by SL 2018, ch 191, § 2.

32-12-46    Cause for suspension or revocation of license--Notice and examination--Failure to submit to examination--Issuance of restricted license.

32-12-47    Duration for which license may be suspended--Exceptions.

32-12-47.1    Renewal or restoration after suspension, revocation or disqualification--Time--Application--Fee--Examination.

32-12-47.2    Revocation and suspension defined--Conditions for reinstatement after revocation or suspension.

32-12-47.3    Application for license when time for suspension or revocation has expired--Violation.

32-12-48    Commencement of period of revocation for driving under the influence--Reinstatement application and fee--Investigation--Restrictions imposed by court.

32-12-49    Suspension, revocation or cancellation after opportunity for hearing--Grounds--Old offenses not considered--Rules.

32-12-49.1    Point system for offenses--Number of points charged.

32-12-49.2    Point accumulation subjecting license or permit to suspension.

32-12-49.3    Suspension based on licensee's record.

32-12-49.4    Restricted license for employment or school purposes when driving privilege has been withdrawn--Rules.

32-12-50    32-12-50. Repealed by SL 1975, ch 204, § 2.

32-12-51    Suspension or revocation of nonresident driving privileges.

32-12-52    32-12-52. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 220, § 9.

32-12-52.1    Mandatory revocation of license--Conviction of driving under the influence.

32-12-52.2    32-12-52.2. Reserved.

32-12-52.3    Revocation for drug-related offenses.

32-12-52.4    Suspension for certain alcohol-related offenses by a minor.

32-12-52.5    Suspension or revocation of or restrictions on driving privileges of juveniles.

32-12-53    Conviction defined.

32-12-54    Record of conviction or noncompliance with citation forwarded by court to department.

32-12-55    Surrender of license to court upon conviction--Forwarding license to department.

32-12-56    Suspension or revocation for out-of-state conviction--Grounds.

32-12-56.1    Entry and implementation of nonresident violators and driver license compact.

32-12-56.2    Suspension, revocation, or disqualification for out-of-state conviction or final administrative decision.

32-12-57    Surrender of suspended or revoked license to department.

32-12-58    Operation of vehicle under license issued in other jurisdiction prohibited during suspension or revocation.

32-12-59    32-12-59. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 189, § 1.

32-12-59.1    32-12-59.1. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 265, § 25.

32-12-60    Records kept by department.

32-12-61    Individual records of accidents, convictions, disqualifications, and other licensing actions--Certain convictions and accidents recorded separately.

32-12-61.1    Problem driver point system abstract.

32-12-62    Record of out-of-state convictions upon application by new resident.

32-12-63    Forwarding record of nonresident's convictions to jurisdiction of residence.

32-12-64    Forwarding record without charge.

32-12-65    Driving while license is revoked, suspended, or canceled--Misdemeanors.

32-12-66    Extension of period of suspension for driving while license or privilege suspended--Delayed issuance of new license for driving while license revoked.

32-12-67    Possession of revoked or altered license--Misdemeanor.

32-12-68    Failure to surrender suspended, revoked or canceled operator's license--Fee and mileage due officer for securing possession--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12-69    Permitting unlawful use of driver license--Misdemeanor.

32-12-70    Displaying another's license--Misdemeanor.

32-12-71    Permitting unauthorized use of license by another--Misdemeanor.

32-12-72    Allowing unauthorized person to use vehicle--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12-73    Permitting unauthorized minor to use vehicle--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12-74    Unauthorized use of vehicle under restricted license--Misdemeanor.

32-12-75    32-12-75. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 239, § 3.

32-12-75.1    False representation or nondisclosure to obtain license or nondriver identification card as misdemeanor--Suspension or disqualification of license.

32-12-75.2    Counterfeiting, forging, or altering any driver license or nondriver identification card--Misdemeanor.

32-12-75.3    Sale, offer for sale, or distribution of any counterfeited, forged, or altered driver license or nondriver identification card--Misdemeanor.

32-12-76    32-12-76. Repealed by SL 2001, ch 171, § 70.

32-12-77    32-12-77 to 32-12-90. Transferred to §§ 32-12A-1 to 4.

32-12-91    32-12-91 to 32-12-99.1. Transferred to §§ 32-12A-16 to 32-12A-25.

32-12-100    32-12-100. Transferred to § 32-12A-28.

32-12-101    32-12-101 to 32-12-103. Transferred to §§ 32-12A-29 to 32-12A-31.

32-12-104    32-12-104 to 32-12-115. Transferred to §§ 32-12A-36 to 32-12A-50.

32-12-116    Restrictions on issuing license to person in arrears for child support--Notice of intent to revoke license--Request for hearing--Promulgation of rules.

32-12-117    32-12-117. Transferred to § 32-12A-51.

32-12-118    32-12-118. Transferred to § 32-12-61.1.

32-12-119    32-12-119 to 32-12-121. Transferred to §§ 32-12A-52 to 32-12A-54.

32-12-122    32-12-122 to 32-12-124. Transferred to §§ 32-12A-56 to 32-12A-58.

32-12-125    Fees only used for operating driver licensing program.

32-12-126    License applications and examination materials--Language.