32-12A-1    Definitions.

32-12A-2    Construction of this chapter with general driver licensing provisions.

32-12A-3    Drivers of commercial vehicles limited to one license.

32-12A-4    Holder of commercial learner's permit or driver license to notify department and employer of conviction for violation of motor vehicle traffic law--Prior employment history to be furnished employer.

32-12A-5    Information required by employer--Operation of commercial motor vehicle prohibited under certain conditions.

32-12A-5.1    Proceeding against employer by state's attorney.

32-12A-6    Possession of commercial driver license or learner's permit required for vehicle operation--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12A-7    Qualifications of commercial motor vehicle drivers.

32-12A-7.1    Registration with Selective Service a condition for obtaining learner's permit or driver license.

32-12A-8    Operation of commercial vehicle while driver license suspended, revoked, etc., prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12A-8.1    Driving while subject to out-of-service order prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12A-8.2    Out-of-service order for motor carrier operation--Violation--Misdemeanor.

32-12A-9    Operators exempt from provisions of chapter.

32-12A-10    Adoption of rules regarding farm exemption of 32-12A-9.

32-12A-11    Knowledge and skills tests required--Waiver--Restrictions--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12A-12    Issuance of commercial learner's permit--Renewal--Restrictions on vehicle operation.

32-12A-12.1    Passenger, school bus, and tanker endorsements on commercial learner's permits.

32-12A-13    Nondomiciled commercial learner's permit or commercial driver license.

32-12A-14    Requirements of application.

32-12A-14.1    Documents with applicant's name and residence address to be presented with application.

32-12A-14.2    Applicants permitted three attempts to pass license examination.

32-12A-15    Commercial driver license fee--Additional fees.

32-12A-16    Issuance of duplicate license.

32-12A-17    Restriction on operation under learner's permit or driver license issued by another jurisdiction.

32-12A-18    Disqualification of commercial driving privileges for use of false information.

32-12A-19    32-12A-19. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 252, § 8; transferred by SL 2001, ch 171, § 115.

32-12A-20    Form and contents of commercial driver license.

32-12A-20.1    Social security number on license prohibited.

32-12A-20.2    Veteran designation on license or permit.

32-12A-21    Privileges conferred by learner's permit or driver license--Classifications of permits and licenses.

32-12A-22    License endorsements.

32-12A-22.1    Exemption from hazardous materials endorsement for certain persons with Class A combination vehicle license.

32-12A-23    Driver license and learner's permit restrictions.

32-12A-23.1    Additional learner's permit restrictions.

32-12A-24    Qualifications of school bus drivers.

32-12A-24.1    Endorsement of persons with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus to drive school bus.

32-12A-24.2    Physical examination after one year of driver with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus.

32-12A-24.3    Blood glucose level checks of driver with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus.

32-12A-25    Prior convictions information required on school bus operator application.

32-12A-26    Notification of suspension or revocation of learner's permit or driver license bearing school bus endorsement.

32-12A-27    Names and social security numbers of school bus drivers to be reported to Department.

32-12A-28    Acquisition of driving record information before issuance of learner's permit or driver license.

32-12A-29    Notification to commercial driver license information system.

32-12A-30    Expiration of license.

32-12A-31    Application for renewal--Test for hazardous materials endorsement--Period when renewable.

32-12A-32    Grounds for suspension, revocation, or cancelation of commercial learner's permit or driver license--Hearing.

32-12A-33    Suspension or disqualification for false statement or representation--Misdemeanor.

32-12A-34    Reciprocal suspension, revocation, and disqualification.

32-12A-35    32-12A-35. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 167, § 18, eff. September 30, 2005.

32-12A-36    Persons disqualified from driving commercial motor vehicle for period of not less than one year or not less than three years.

32-12A-37    Disqualification for life for multiple violations of 32-12A-36--Reduction.

32-12A-38    Disqualification for life using commercial or noncommercial motor vehicle in commission of felony involving controlled substance.

32-12A-39    Reinstatement of driver disqualified for life after completion of rehabilitation program.

32-12A-40    Disqualification for conviction within three-year period of two serious traffic violations.

32-12A-41    Disqualification for conviction within three-year period of three serious traffic violations.

32-12A-42    Updating of records to reflect action regarding disqualification of nonresident--Notification of issuing licensing authority.

32-12A-43    Operation of commercial motor vehicle with any measurable or detectable amount of alcohol in system prohibited.

32-12A-44    Driving commercial vehicle prohibited at certain levels of blood alcohol--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-12A-45    Persons authorized to withdraw blood to determine alcohol content--Liability.

32-12A-46    Consent to test for alcohol or drugs--Consequences of refusal or submission to test.

32-12A-47    Notification of licensing authority in licensing state of conviction of nonresident.

32-12A-48    Promulgation of rules.

32-12A-49    Agreements, arrangements, or declarations permitted.

32-12A-50    Operation with valid out-of-state commercial learner's permit or driver license--Full faith and credit of out-of-state conviction.

32-12A-51    32-12A-51. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 167, § 29, eff. September 30, 2005.

32-12A-52    Disqualification for conviction of violation of out-of-service order--First violation.

32-12A-53    Disqualification for conviction of violation of out-of-service order--Second violation.

32-12A-54    Disqualification for conviction of violation of out-of-service order--Three or more violations.

32-12A-55    Restoration of revoked, suspended, or disqualified commercial learner's permit, commercial license, or driving privilege.

32-12A-56    Violation of out-of-service order--Civil penalty against driver.

32-12A-57    Violation of out-of-service order--Civil penalty against employer.

32-12A-58    Adoption of Title 49 C.F.R., chapter 3, subpart B, parts 383 and 384.

32-12A-59    Disqualification for conviction of first grade crossing violation.

32-12A-60    Disqualification for second grade crossing conviction.

32-12A-61    Disqualification for third or subsequent grade crossing conviction.

32-12A-62    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration driver disqualification and imminent hazard determination to be part of driver record.

32-12A-63    Certified abstract of operating record--Information on driver record of person issued commercial learner's permit or driver license.

32-12A-64    Convictions for traffic violations to appear on driver's record.

32-12A-65    Expiration of medical certification--Expiration, removal, or rescission of medical variance.

32-12A-66    Refresher course and examination for commercial driver license test examiner certification.

32-12A-67    Bond requirement for third-party testers--Exceptions.

32-12A-68    Disqualification of commercial driving privileges for human trafficking conviction.