32-20A-1    Definition of terms.

32-20A-1.1    Exception for raceway facility events--Approval required for certain cross-country races--Rules for safety standards and financial responsibility.

32-20A-2    Speeding and reckless driving prohibited--Muffler required--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-3    Age restrictions on drivers--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-4    Restriction of use on state highways--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-5    Restriction of use on interstate highways and railroads--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-6    Operation in ditch permitted--Crossing of roadways restricted--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-7    Conditions permitting operation on roadways--Unauthorized operation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-8    Permit to operate on closed or posted roadway.

32-20A-9    Restrictions on use within municipality.

32-20A-10    Lights required during darkness--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-11    Repealed.

32-20A-12    Hunting from snowmobile prohibited--Coyote hunting excepted--Penalty.

32-20A-13    32-20A-13. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 255, § 110.

32-20A-14    Operating under the influence.

32-20A-15    Application of excise tax registration and licensing laws--License required--Registration and titling of snowmobiles--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-15.1    Temporary permits.

32-20A-16    Enforcement by law enforcement officers--Prosecution by state's attorneys.

32-20A-17    32-20A-17. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 257, § 2.

32-20A-18    Identification of snowmobile and operator involved in accident--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-19    Notice of certain accidents to department--Investigation--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-20    Incapacitated persons exempted from notice requirements.

32-20A-21    Assumption of risk of injury.

32-20A-22    Liability of snowmobile equipment renters--Gross negligence.

32-20A-23    Safe conditions of rental snowmobiles.

32-20A-24    Operation on state snowmobile trail or area--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-20A-25    Permit to operate motorcycle as a snowmobile.