32-33-1    Power of local authorities to enforce laws--Arrest of violators without warrant--Impounding offending vehicles.

32-33-1.1    Arrest or summons on probable cause at accident scene.

32-33-2    Procedure on arrest of violator--Issuance of summons--Notice of hearing--Release from custody upon promise to appear--Violation of promise to appear--Misdemeanor--Bond of nonresident.

32-33-2.1    Weight violations excepted.

32-33-2.2    Bench warrant for defendant failing to appear after promise given--Costs assessed against defendant.

32-33-3    Right to speedy hearing.

32-33-4    Accidents resulting in death or injury--Reckless driving--Driving under influence--Felons.

32-33-5    Misfeasance by public officer--Removal from office.

32-33-6    32-33-6 to 32-33-8. Repealed by SL 1974, ch 55, § 50.

32-33-9    32-33-9. Omitted.

32-33-10    Establishment of temporary roadblocks.

32-33-11    Definition of temporary roadblock.

32-33-12    Requirements for establishing temporary roadblock--Warning signals.

32-33-13    Traveling through roadblock--Misdemeanor.

32-33-14    Existing law enforcement authority unaffected.

32-33-14.1    Agent or employee of Department of Transportation authorized to act in capacity of law enforcement officer to enforce speed limits in areas of highway construction.

32-33-15    Power of local authorities to enforce law pertaining to motor carriers.

32-33-16    Impounding of nonconforming vehicles--Penalties for failure to comply.

32-33-17    Failure to stop at state weighing station--Misdemeanor.

32-33-18    Failure to stop at the signal of law enforcement officer as misdemeanor.

32-33-18.1    Eluding law enforcement officer--Misdemeanor--License revocation.

32-33-18.2    Second degree eluding--Felony--License revocation.

32-33-18.3    First degree eluding--Felony--License revocation.

32-33-19    32-33-19. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 195, § 2.

32-33-19.1    32-33-19.1. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 254, § 9.

32-33-20    Unknown driver fleeing from police--Vehicle subject to civil penalty.

32-33-21    Enforcement of civil penalty--Lien.

32-33-22    Exemptions from lien--Superior security interests.

32-33-23    32-33-23. Transferred to § 32-23-2.1.