32-41-2. Requirements for operation on public roads.

A fully autonomous vehicle may operate on public roads of this state without a human driver, provided that the automated driving system is engaged, and the vehicle:

(1)    Achieves a minimal risk condition if the vehicle exits the operational design domain of its automated driving system;

(2)    Achieves a minimal risk condition if a failure renders the vehicle's automated driving system unable to perform the entire dynamic driving task relevant to its operational design domain;

(3)    Is capable of operating in compliance with the applicable traffic and motor vehicle safety laws and regulations of this state; and

(4)    When required by federal law, bears the required manufacturer's certification label indicating that at the time of the vehicle's manufacture, it complied with all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards and any exemption granted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Source: SL 2024, ch 122, § 2.