32-5-107. Temporary permit for person in possession of title or bill of sale--Inspection of title or bill of sale--Fee--Application--Exclusion.

A person, in possession of either a title in his name or assigned to him or a bill of sale which lists him as the purchaser of the vehicle, may procure from any county treasurer a temporary permit that allows movement of the motor vehicle on the highways of this state. The title or bill of sale shall be available for inspection by any peace officer if the vehicle is being moved. Mobile homes, manufactured housing units, and over-dimensional motor vehicles do not qualify for this permit to use the state's highways. The permit may be purchased for any period of from five to fifteen consecutive days at a fee of one dollar per day for each day the permit is requested. The minimum permit fee is five dollars. The fee is payable to the county treasurer at the time of purchase. All permit fees shall be forwarded monthly by the county treasurer to the department. The secretary shall credit the fee to the state license plate special revenue fund for distribution under § 32-11-33. Only one permit may be issued yearly per motor vehicle.

No permit may be issued pursuant to this section for the temporary use of an off-road vehicle on the public highways of this state.

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