32-6B-1    Definitions.

32-6B-1.1    Motor home defined.

32-6B-1.2    Recreational park trailer defined.

32-6B-1.3    Temporary special events lot defined.

32-6B-1.4    Temporary supplemental lot defined.

32-6B-2    Principal place of business defined.

32-6B-3    Sale on consignment--Contract required--Form.

32-6B-3.1    Sale on consignment prohibited for vehicle without statement of origin.

32-6B-3.2    Odometer reading required for consignment or auction--Violation a misdemeanor.

32-6B-3.3    Consignment or auction of vehicle with lien--Written consent and release by lien holder.

32-6B-3.4    Auction on consignment of older vehicle titled in another state.

32-6B-3.5    Auction on consignment of older motorcycle titled in another state.

32-6B-3.6    Sale of used motorcycles and off-road vehicles on consignment where dealer possesses state title or title from bordering state--Exception.

32-6B-4    License required--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-6B-4.1    Brokering prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-6B-5    Exemptions from licensing requirements.

32-6B-5.1    32-6B-5.1. Repealed by SL 2019, ch 130, § 20.

32-6B-5.2    Permit for dealer licensed in another state to sell motorcycles at event.

32-6B-5.3    Permit for dealer licensed in another state to sell trailers at event.

32-6B-5.4    Permit for dealer licensed in another state to sell older vehicles and motorcycles on consignment at public auction.

32-6B-5.5    Permit for manufacturer to display trailers at event.

32-6B-5.6    Permit for manufacturer to display or demonstrate customized motor vehicle at event.

32-6B-5.7    Permit for sponsor to display customized motorcycles at event.

32-6B-6    Application required--Contents.

32-6B-7    Bond required--Amount--Term--Continuation certificate--Notification of payment or cancellation--Additional bond.

32-6B-7.1    Pooling of assets to satisfy bond requirements--Right, title, and interest in state--Termination--Notice of payment of claim--Replenishment of pool.

32-6B-7.2    Increase in dealer bond amount--Implementation.

32-6B-8    Dealer in new vehicles to maintain repair shop.

32-6B-9    Dealer in new vehicles to give bond to cover warranty obligations--Amount--Exemption.

32-6B-10    Manufacturer's contract or franchise prerequisite to license for dealer in new vehicles.

32-6B-11    Verification of application by department--Refusal to issue license.

32-6B-12    Classification of licenses--Issuance of license certificate.

32-6B-12.1    Low-speed vehicle retail sales.

32-6B-13    Fees for dealer's licenses--Disposition of fees.

32-6B-14    Dealer license--Annual review--Renewal notice--Suspension or revocation--Promulgation of Rules.

32-6B-15    Renewal application--Fees.

32-6B-16    Modification of license certificate--Display of license.

32-6B-17    Separate licenses--Requirement.

32-6B-18    Permission to change principal place of business within county.

32-6B-19    Supplemental licenses for supplemental lots within county--Exemptions.

32-6B-20    Books, records, and files to be kept--Inspection.

32-6B-20.1    Certificate kept at another dealership or at lending institution--Requirements--Notice.

32-6B-20.2    Offer to sell, sale, or exchange of vehicle without certificate of title allowed under specified circumstances.

32-6B-20.3    Agreement that dealer will satisfy lien by paying lienholder--Trade of vehicle or consignment agreement--Theft.

32-6B-20.4    Time period to satisfy lien after receipt of funds--Offering vehicle for sale prior to tender to lienholder.

32-6B-21    Issuance of dealer plates--Numbering--Fees--Return of plates--Misdemeanor.

32-6B-21.1    Mailing fees.

32-6B-22    Use of dealer plates--Transfer of plates--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-6B-22.1    Commercial motor vehicles licensed to dealers--Dealer 88 license plates--Return of plates--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-6B-22.2    Use of dealer 88 license plates--Transfer of plates.

32-6B-23    Issuance of motorcycle dealer and trailer dealer plates--Numbering--Display and use--Fees.

32-6B-24    Repossession of dealer plates.

32-6B-25    Use of vehicles bearing dealer's demonstration or in-transit permits--Time limitation--Issuance of permits for unauthorized purposes prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-6B-26    Temporary license permit--Provision by dealer.

32-6B-27    Location of temporary license permit.

32-6B-28    Time for application for registration by owner--Inspection of documents by law enforcement officer.

32-6B-29    Restrictions on dealer use of temporary license permits--Renewal prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-6B-30    Design of dealers' demonstration, in-transit and temporary license permits--Information required--Source of permits.

32-6B-31    32-6B-31 to 32-6B-33. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 142, §§ 2 to 4.

32-6B-34    Dealer's car auction agency--Defined--Applicability of chapter--Additional provisions.

32-6B-35    Dealer's car auction agency--Bond requirements--Dealer's right of action--Liability of surety.

32-6B-35.1    Dealer's car auction agency--Announcement at sale when title denotes any brand or damage--Return of vehicle.

32-6B-36    Dealer's car auction agency--Vehicles acceptable for sale--Permitted purchasers--Unauthorized sale a misdemeanor.

32-6B-36.1    Dealer's car auction agency--Government-owned vehicles.

32-6B-36.2    32-6B-36.2. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 152, § 3.

32-6B-36.3    Issuance of auction agency plates--Numbering--Fees--Return of plates--Misdemeanor.

32-6B-36.4    Use of agency plates--Transfer of plates--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-6B-37    Dealer's car auction agency--Records required.

32-6B-37.1    Public auction to keep records--Inspection by dealer appointed inspectors.

32-6B-38    Appointment of inspectors--Entry authorized--Complaints.

32-6B-39    Investigation of dealers--Authorized.

32-6B-40    32-6B-40. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 162, § 8.

32-6B-41    Grounds for denial of license or application of provisions of §§ .1 to .6, inclusive.

32-6B-41.1    Cease and desist order for specified violations--Period of effectiveness.

32-6B-41.2    Cease and desist order--Request for hearing--Procedure.

32-6B-41.3    Finality of cease and desist order.

32-6B-41.4    Order to pay fine or suspend or revoke license upon failure to comply with cease and desist order--Deposit of monetary penalties.

32-6B-41.5    Contest of order--Procedure.

32-6B-41.6    Finality of order.

32-6B-41.7    Cease and desist order--Failure to comply--Penalty.

32-6B-42    Notification of surety of license denial, suspension or revocation.

32-6B-43    32-6B-43, 32-6B-44. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 162, §§ 9, 10.

32-6B-45    Good cause required for franchisor termination, cancellation, nonrenewal, or change in competitive circumstances.

32-6B-46    32-6B-46. Repealed by SL 2010, ch 156, § 6, eff. Mar. 9, 2010.

32-6B-47    When franchisor may establish additional vehicle dealership for same line-make--Hearing.

32-6B-48    Factors in determining cause for establishing additional franchise for same line-make.

32-6B-49    Factors which are not cause for termination or noncontinuance of franchise or for establishing additional franchise for same line-make.

32-6B-49.1    Terms or conditions not allowed in franchise agreement.

32-6B-50    Notice of intention to enter into additional franchise for same line-make.

32-6B-51    Copies of notice to be sent to franchisees and other interested persons.

32-6B-52    Objection to approval of notice--Time for filing written objection--Approval absent timely objection.

32-6B-53    Hearing on objection--Time and place--Notice--Continuance.

32-6B-54    Burden of proof at hearing.

32-6B-55    Hearing upon change of circumstances.

32-6B-56    Dealer's license not to be issued to franchisee absent compliance by franchisor.

32-6B-56.1    Trailer franchisees not subject to certain provisions.

32-6B-57    Sale by franchisor to franchisee at lower price than that charged to other franchisee prohibited--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor--Damages.

32-6B-58    Franchisor, component manufacturer or manufacturer--Warranty agreement fulfillment--Process--Right to audit.

32-6B-58.1    Franchisor, component manufacturer, or manufacturer--Separate warranty for an engine, transmission, or rear axle--Process--Right to audit.

32-6B-58.2    Manufacturer or component manufacturer--Charge back--Prohibited in certain circumstances.

32-6B-58.3    Manufacturer or component manufacturer--Charge back--Permitted in certain circumstances.

32-6B-59    Right of department to apply for injunction against violation of chapter.

32-6B-60    Adoption of rules.

32-6B-61    Schedule of compensation for warranty work.

32-6B-62    Trailer dealers exempt from certain liability insurance requirements.

32-6B-63    Regulation of advertising.

32-6B-64    Advertising defined.

32-6B-65    32-6B-65. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 153, § 3.

32-6B-66    In-transit permits for certain trailer manufacturer's trailers.

32-6B-67    Promulgation of rules for in-transit permits for trailer manufacturer's trailers.

32-6B-68    Repealed.

32-6B-69    Franchise agreement--Change of terms--Dealer rights.

32-6B-69.1    Audit by franchisor--Limitation--Exception.

32-6B-70    License required for certain activities--Violation as misdemeanor--Additional violations as felony.

32-6B-71    Vehicle dealership--Death of owner--Succession of interest.

32-6B-72    Succession--Refusal to honor.

32-6B-73    Notification of decision to transfer, assign, or sell franchise agreement or dealership--Notification as application for approval.

32-6B-74    Contents of notice.

32-6B-75    Manufacturer or franchisor to determine prospective transferee's qualification--Notice of decision--Statement of reasons for rejection.

32-6B-76    Approval may not be unreasonably withheld.

32-6B-77    Filing objection when application rejected.

32-6B-78    Transferee's qualification as sole issue in objection.

32-6B-79    Manufacturer defined.

32-6B-80    Manufacturer or franchisor may not own or operate dealership--Exceptions.

32-6B-81    Manufacturer or franchisor may own or operate for limited period--Conditions.

32-6B-82    Exceptions for the purpose of broadening diversity of dealer body.

32-6B-83    Extension of time period in 32-6B-81--Application--Limit.

32-6B-84    32-6B-84. Repealed by SL 2010, ch 156, § 17, eff. Mar. 9, 2010.

32-6B-85    Civil action for injunction and damages.

32-6B-86    Applicability of SL 2010, ch 156 amendments.

32-6B-87    Dealers permitted to lease space in common area of shopping mall for displaying new vehicles--Restrictions--Exception.

32-6B-88    Off-road vehicle dealers exempt from certain special event permit requirements, fees, and taxes.

32-6B-89    Licensed dealer permitted to take vehicle to adjoining county for demonstration.