32-7A-1    Definitions.

32-7A-2    Established place of business.

32-7A-3    License required--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-7A-3.1    Supplemental license for auxiliary or supplemental lots--Exemption for temporary locations.

32-7A-3.2    Temporary locations for certain purposes--Time limit--Zoning and building requirements.

32-7A-4    32-7A-4. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 251, § 6.

32-7A-4.1    Application required--Contents.

32-7A-4.2    Grounds for denial of license or application of §§ 32-7A-4.3 to 32-7A-4.8.

32-7A-4.3    Cease and desist order for specified violations--Period of effectiveness.

32-7A-4.4    Hearing on question of whether violations occurred--Procedures.

32-7A-4.5    Finality of cease and desist order.

32-7A-4.6    Order to pay fine or suspend or revoke license upon failure to comply with cease and desist order--Deposit of monetary penalties.

32-7A-4.7    Hearing to contest order to pay fine or suspend or revoke license--Procedures.

32-7A-4.8    Finality of order to pay fine or suspend or revoke license.

32-7A-5    Bond required for license.

32-7A-5.1    Notice to surety company of denial, suspension, or revocation of license.

32-7A-6    Separate licenses for places of business in different counties.

32-7A-7    Fee for license--Renewal.

32-7A-8    Disposition of fees.

32-7A-8.1    Increase in dealer bond amount--Implementation.

32-7A-9    Time for grant or denial of license--Issuance of certificate--Form.

32-7A-10    Dealers' plates--Issuance--Use--Fees.

32-7A-10.1    Mailing fees.

32-7A-11    Transportation of manufactured and mobile homes owned by dealer.

32-7A-12    Books, records, and files kept by licensees.

32-7A-12.1    Offer to sell, sale, or exchange of mobile or manufactured home without certificate of title allowed under specified circumstances.

32-7A-12.2    Agreement that dealer will satisfy lien by paying lienholder--Trade of mobile or manufactured home or consignment agreement--Theft.

32-7A-12.3    Time period to satisfy lien after receipt of funds--Offering mobile or manufactured home for sale prior to tender to lienholder.

32-7A-13    Fraud in contracts for sale, trade or purchase prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-7A-14    32-7A-14. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 251, § 13.

32-7A-14.1    Power of secretary to make rules and require uniformity in administration of statute--Duty of local officials.

32-7A-15    Used mobile or manufactured homes--Activities authorized by dealer or real estate license--Responsibilities of real estate licensee.

32-7A-16    Sales on consignment--Title requirements.

32-7A-17    Affidavit of taxes paid and registration of mobile home required for transfer of title--Violation as misdemeanor.

32-7A-18    Appointment of dealer inspectors--Entry--Complaints.

32-7A-19    Investigation--Purpose--Inspection--Examination.

32-7A-20    32-7A-20 to 32-7A-22. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 162, §§ 28 to 30.

32-7A-23    Application for injunction--Issuance without bond.