32-9-1. Definitions.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "Compensation," the charge imposed upon motor carriers in consideration of the unusual use of the public highways in this state by such motor carriers;

(2)    "Compensation certificate," the certificate issued upon application by a motor carrier, as defined in §§ 32-9-2 and 32-9-3, showing authority to use and payment of compensation for the unusual use of the highways by the one to whom issued;

(3)    "Commercial motor vehicle," any motor vehicle used or maintained for the transportation of persons or property for hire, compensation or profit or designed, used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property, and not specifically excluded under § 32-9-3;

(4)    "Department," Department of Revenue;

(5)    "For hire," for remuneration of any kind, paid or promised, either directly or indirectly, for the transportation of persons or property. An occasional accommodative transportation service by a person not in the transportation business while on an errand for himself, is not a service for hire, even though the person transported shares in the cost or pays for the service;

(6)    "Gross weight," the total weight of the chassis, body, equipment, and maximum load of each motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer as fixed by the applicant for a compensation certificate;

(7)    "Motor vehicle," all vehicles or machines propelled by any power other than muscular used upon the public highways for the transportation of persons or property or both. The term does not include an electric bicycle as defined in § 32-20B-9 or a multi-passenger quadricycle as defined in § 32-14-17;

(8)    "Private business use," the transportation of persons or property for hire, compensation, profit, or remuneration of any kind, or the transportation of any property of a business venture not specifically excluded under § 32-9-3;

(9)    "Public highway," every street, alley, public road, public thoroughfare, or highway in this state;

(10)    "Secretary," secretary of revenue;

(11)    "Semitrailer," any vehicle of the trailer type, equipped with a kingpin assembly, designed and used in conjunction with a fifth wheel connecting device on a motor vehicle and constructed so that some part of its weight and that of its load rests upon or is carried by another vehicle; and

(12)    "Trailer," every vehicle without motive power designed to carry property or persons wholly on its own structure and to be drawn by a motor vehicle.

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