33-10-1    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 175, §§ 290 to 308.

33-10-20    Definitions.

33-10-21    Persons subject to this code.

33-10-22    Subject matter jurisdiction--Primary jurisdiction.

33-10-23    Jurisdiction over persons charged with fraudulent discharge.

33-10-24    Jurisdiction over deserters.

33-10-25    Applicability to persons in duty status or where nexus exists between offense and state military functions--Civilian jurisdiction.

33-10-26    Extraterritorial jurisdiction.

33-10-27    Judge advocate supervision.

33-10-28    Communication with judge advocates.

33-10-29    Judge advocate to reviewing authority.

33-10-30    Apprehension defined.

33-10-31    Persons authorized to apprehend upon probable cause.

33-10-32    Quelling of or apprehension for quarrels, frays, and disorders.

33-10-33    Extradition.

33-10-34    Fees for apprehension.

33-10-35    Arrest and confinement defined.

33-10-36    Arrest or confinement of enlisted member.

33-10-37    Arrest or confinement of commissioned officer, warrant officer, or civilian.

33-10-38    Probable cause to arrest or confine.

33-10-39    Custody before notification of proper authority.

33-10-40    Notice of offense--Diligent steps for trial or dismissal.

33-10-41    Place of confinement.

33-10-42    Receiving of prisoners.

33-10-43    Reports of prisoners.

33-10-44    Confinement with enemy prisoners prohibited.

33-10-45    Punishment prohibited before trial.

33-10-46    Delivery of offenders to civil authorities.

33-10-47    Completion of sentence of court martial upon return from civil authority.

33-10-48    Failure of enlisted member to report for duty--Arrest--Fees--Promulgation of rules.

33-10-49    Arrest or confinement for disobedience or disruption--Trespassers.

33-10-50    Commanding officer's non-judicial punishment.

33-10-51    Forms of punishment by any commanding officer.

33-10-52    Forms of punishment by major, lieutenant commander, or above.

33-10-53    Forms of punishment by Governor, adjutant general, or certain other officers.

33-10-54    Duration of consecutive punishments.

33-10-55    Arrest in quarters or restriction--Notice regarding right to trial by court-martial.

33-10-56    Suspension or mitigation of punishment.

33-10-57    Appeal.

33-10-58    Punishment not a bar to trial by court-martial or civilian court--Consideration of disciplinary punishment.

33-10-59    Forfeiture of pay.

33-10-60    Promulgation of rules regarding records.

33-10-61    Courts-martial classified.

33-10-62    Jurisdiction of courts-martial in general.

33-10-63    Jurisdiction of general courts-martial.

33-10-64    Jurisdiction of special courts-martial.

33-10-65    Jurisdiction of summary courts-martial.

33-10-66    Objection to trial by summary courts-martial.

33-10-67    Who may convene general courts-martial.

33-10-68    Who may convene special courts-martial.

33-10-69    Who may convene summary courts-martial.

33-10-70    Commissioned officer service on courts-martial.

33-10-71    Warrant officer service on courts-martial.

33-10-72    Enlisted member service on courts-martial.

33-10-73    Court-martial member to be senior to accused.

33-10-74    Qualifications of court-martial member.

33-10-75    Excuse of court-martial member from participating.

33-10-76    Military judge detailed to general and special court-martial.

33-10-77    Qualifications of military judge.

33-10-78    Admission of military judge pro hac vice.

33-10-79    Designation of military judge--Performance report prohibited.

33-10-80    Military judge may not be accuser, witness, investigator, or counsel.

33-10-81    Consultation with members of court.

33-10-82    Detail of trial counsel and defense counsel.

33-10-83    Counsel may not have been investigator, military judge, witness, court member, or opposing counsel.

33-10-84    Qualifications of counsel.

33-10-85    Admission of defense counsel pro hac vice--Qualifications.

33-10-86    Detail or employment of court reporters and interpreters--Promulgation of rules.

33-10-87    Absent members of court-martial.

33-10-88    Additional members of general court-martial.

33-10-89    Additional members of special court-martial.

33-10-90    Court-martial composed of military judge only--Procedure when military judge unable to proceed.

33-10-91    Marshal--Duties.

33-10-92    Compensation of marshal.

33-10-93    Malfeasance of sheriff or marshal.

33-10-94    Immunity of court members.

33-10-95    Charges and specifications.

33-10-96    Compulsory self-incrimination prohibited.

33-10-97    Advice of right to remain silent.

33-10-98    Compulsory self-degradation prohibited.

33-10-99    Exclusion of evidence.

33-10-100    Investigation of charges.

33-10-101    Notice to accused of charges--Right to counsel--Examination of witnesses--Statement of testimony.

33-10-102    Demand for further investigation.

33-10-103    Investigation of uncharged offenses.

33-10-104    Nonjurisdictional error.

33-10-105    Forwarding of charges.

33-10-106    Advice of judge advocate regarding charge.

33-10-107    Contents of judge advocate's statement--Reference for trial.

33-10-108    Correction of charges or specifications.

33-10-109    Service of charges.

33-10-110    Promulgation of procedural rules by Governor or adjutant general.

33-10-111    Unlawfully influencing action of court.

33-10-112    Report of performance as court-martial member, witness, or counsel prohibited.

33-10-113    Qualifications of trial counsel--Preparation of record.

33-10-114    Qualifications of defense counsel--Rights of accused.

33-10-115    Duties of defense counsel in court-martial proceeding resulting in conviction.

33-10-116    Sessions without presence of court-martial members--Record.

33-10-117    Presence of accused, counsel, and military judge at proceedings--Exception.

33-10-118    Continuances.

33-10-119    Challenges for cause.

33-10-120    Procedure when court members reduced below minimum by challenge for cause.

33-10-121    Peremptory challenges.

33-10-122    Procedure when court members reduced below minimum by peremptory challenge.

33-10-123    Challenges after additional members are detailed.

33-10-124    Oath of military judge, court-martial member, trial counsel, defense counsel, reporter, and interpreter.

33-10-125    Oath of witness.

33-10-126    Statute of limitations.

33-10-127    Unauthorized absence excluded in computing limitation period.

33-10-128    Absence from territory excluded in computing limitation period.

33-10-129    Limitation period during wartime.

33-10-130    Statute of limitations for new charges and specifications following dismissal for defect or insufficiency.

33-10-131    Conditions for new charges and specifications.

33-10-132    Former jeopardy.

33-10-133    Jeopardy where accused found guilty.

33-10-134    Jeopardy where accused not found guilty.

33-10-135    Not guilty plea.

33-10-136    Finding upon guilty plea--Withdrawal of guilty plea.

33-10-137    Opportunity to obtain witnesses and other evidence.

33-10-138    Refusal to appear or testify.

33-10-139    Witness fees.

33-10-140    Contempt.

33-10-141    Oral and written depositions.

33-10-142    Notice of deposition.

33-10-143    Officers before whom deposition taken.

33-10-144    Admissibility of deposition.

33-10-145    Admissibility of records of courts of inquiry.

33-10-146    Defense of lack of mental responsibility.

33-10-147    Burden of proof of lack of mental responsibility.

33-10-148    Findings by court-martial members when lack of mental responsibility at issue.

33-10-149    Findings by military judge or summary court-martial officer when lack of mental responsibility at issue.

33-10-150    Conditions for finding of not guilty by reason of lack of mental responsibility.

33-10-151    Voting by secret written ballot.

33-10-152    Rulings upon questions of law and interlocutory questions.

33-10-153    Instructions.

33-10-154    Findings and rulings by court-martial composed of military judge only.

33-10-155    Number of votes required.

33-10-156    Court to announce action.

33-10-157    Record of proceedings--Authentication.

33-10-158    Contents of record--Promulgation of rules.

33-10-159    Records of summary court-martial--Promulgation of rules.

33-10-160    Copy of record to be given to the accused.

33-10-161    Cruel and unusual punishments prohibited.

33-10-162    Maximum sentence--Felony and misdemeanor--Noncriminal conviction.

33-10-163    Limits of punishment.

33-10-164    Forfeitures.

33-10-165    Computation of period of confinement--Effective date of other sentences.

33-10-166    Deferment of sentence to confinement--Rescission.

33-10-167    Deferment until after accused has been permanently released to state military forces.

33-10-168    Persons subject to deferment until permanently released to state military forces.

33-10-169    Deferment of sentence to confinement while review pending.

33-10-170    Place of confinement.

33-10-171    Hard labor.

33-10-172    Fees for confinement.

33-10-173    Reduction of enlisted member pay grade.

33-10-174    Restoration of pay.

33-10-175    Forfeiture of pay and allowances.

33-10-176    Sentences subject to forfeiture of pay and allowances.

33-10-177    Waiver of forfeiture of pay and allowances for dependents of accused.

33-10-178    Restoration of pay and allowances.

33-10-179    Error of law.

33-10-180    Lesser included offense.

33-10-181    Prompt report of findings and sentence to convening authority.

33-10-182    Submission to convening authority of matters for consideration--Time for submission.

33-10-183    Extension of time for submission.

33-10-184    Provision of record to accused.

33-10-185    Waiver of right to make submission.

33-10-186    Authority to modify findings and sentence.

33-10-187    Action on sentence of court-martial.

33-10-188    Action on findings of court-martial.

33-10-189    Recommendation of judge advocate--Promulgation of rules--Response and objection.

33-10-190    Proceeding in revision or rehearing.

33-10-191    Matters considered at proceeding in revision.

33-10-192    Matters considered at rehearing--Dismissal without rehearing.

33-10-193    Withdrawal of appeal.

33-10-194    Time for withdrawal of appeal.

33-10-195    Appeal by the state.

33-10-196    Time for appeal by the state--Contents of notice of appeal.

33-10-197    Diligent prosecution of appeal.

33-10-198    State's appeal to Supreme Court limited to matters of law.

33-10-199    Consideration of delay concerning issue of speedy trial.

33-10-200    Rehearings.

33-10-201    Review by senior force judge advocate.

33-10-202    Adjutant General action--Promulgation of rules.

33-10-203    Action by adjutant general.

33-10-204    Dismissal when rehearing impracticable.

33-10-205    Action by the Governor.

33-10-206    Senior force judge advocate review of subject matter jurisdiction in case of finding of not guilty.

33-10-207    Action by adjutant general regarding subject matter jurisdiction.

33-10-208    Disposition of records.

33-10-209    Review by Supreme Court.

33-10-210    Appellate government counsel.

33-10-211    Right to counsel on appeal by state.

33-10-212    Right to counsel on appeal by accused.

33-10-213    Appointment of judge advocate to represent accused.

33-10-214    Representation by civilian appellate counsel.

33-10-215    Execution of sentence of dismissal or dishonorable or bad-conduct discharge when appeal not waived or withdrawn.

33-10-216    Execution of sentence when appeal waived or withdrawn.

33-10-217    Probation violation--Hearing--Representation by counsel.

33-10-218    Vacation of suspension--Execution of sentence.

33-10-219    Authority to vacate suspension.

33-10-220    Petition for new trial.

33-10-221    Remission and suspension.

33-10-222    Restoration--Promulgation of rules.

33-10-223    Substitution for dishonorable or bad-conduct discharge.

33-10-224    Reappointment of commissioned officer.

33-10-225    Finality of proceedings, findings, and sentences.

33-10-226    Leave required pending review of certain court-martial convictions.

33-10-227    Commitment of person incompetent to stand trial.

33-10-228    Action in accordance with statute applicable to persons incompetent to stand trial.

33-10-229    Notice of determination that accused is competent to stand trial.

33-10-230    Action by general court-martial convening authority or attorney general.

33-10-231    Custody of facility director.

33-10-232    References to court that ordered commitment.

33-10-233    Commitment of person found not guilty by reason of lack of mental responsibility.

33-10-234    Hearing on mental condition.

33-10-235    Report of hearing results.

33-10-236    Action when release would create substantial risk of injury or serious property damage.

33-10-237    Statute applicable to hospitalized person.

33-10-238    Application of statute comparable to 18 U.S.C. 4247(d).

33-10-239    Application of statute comparable to 18 U.S.C. § 4241 et seq.--Change of status.

33-10-240    Principal defined.

33-10-241    Accessory after the fact.

33-10-242    Included offense--Attempted offense.

33-10-243    Attempt defined.

33-10-244    Attempt to commit offense subject to punishment.

33-10-245    Conviction of attempt for consummated offense.

33-10-246    Conspiracy.

33-10-247    Solicitation to desert or mutiny.

33-10-248    Solicitation to commit misbehavior before the enemy or sedition.

33-10-249    Fraudulent enlistment, appointment, or separation.

33-10-250    Unlawful enlistment, appointment, or separation.

33-10-251    Desertion.

33-10-252    Desertion by commissioned officer.

33-10-253    Punishment for desertion.

33-10-254    Absence without leave.

33-10-255    Missing movement.

33-10-256    Contempt toward officials.

33-10-257    Disrespect toward superior commissioned officer.

33-10-258    Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer.

33-10-259    Insubordinate conduct toward warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer.

33-10-260    Failure to obey order or regulation.

33-10-261    Cruelty and maltreatment.

33-10-262    Mutiny--Sedition--Failure to suppress or report.

33-10-263    Punishment for mutiny or sedition.

33-10-264    Resistance--Flight--Breach of arrest--Escape.

33-10-265    Releasing prisoner without proper authority.

33-10-266    Unlawful detention.

33-10-267    Noncompliance with procedural rules.

33-10-268    Misbehavior before the enemy.

33-10-269    Subordinate compelling surrender.

33-10-270    Improper use of countersign.

33-10-271    Captured or abandoned property--Securing and turning over.

33-10-272    Captured or abandoned property--Offenses.

33-10-273    Aiding the enemy.

33-10-274    Misconduct as prisoner.

33-10-275    False official statements.

33-10-276    Military property--Loss, damage, destruction, or wrongful disposition.

33-10-277    Property other than military property--Waste, spoilage, or destruction.

33-10-278    Willful hazarding of vessel.

33-10-279    Negligent hazarding of vessel.

33-10-280    Drunk on duty.

33-10-281    Wrongful use, possession, or distribution of controlled substances.

33-10-282    Controlled substances defined.

33-10-283    Misbehavior of sentinel.

33-10-284    Malingering.

33-10-285    Riot or breach of peace.

33-10-286    Provoking speeches or gestures.

33-10-287    Frauds against the government.

33-10-288    Conduct unbecoming an officer.

33-10-289    Disorder and neglect--Conduct discrediting state military forces.

33-10-290    Court of inquiry convened for investigation.

33-10-291    Members of court--Counsel.

33-10-292    Parties.

33-10-293    Challenge to court members.

33-10-294    Oaths.

33-10-295    Witnesses.

33-10-296    Findings--Opinions.

33-10-297    Record of proceedings.

33-10-298    Administration of oaths for purposes of military administration.

33-10-299    Administration of oaths necessary in performance of duties.

33-10-300    Prima facie evidence of authority to administer oath.

33-10-301    Complaint of wrong.

33-10-302    Delegation by Governor.

33-10-303    Payment of fees, costs, and expenses.

33-10-304    Military justice fund.

33-10-305    Payment of fines--Disposition.

33-10-306    Uniformity of interpretation.

33-10-307    Immunity for action of military courts.

33-10-308    Short title.