33-12-1     Repealed.

33-12-2    Quartermaster general authorized to require assistant to give bond.

33-12-3    Duties of quartermaster general.

33-12-4    Custody of flags.

33-12-5    Responsibility for equipment--Property of United States.

33-12-6    Issuance of military property to authorized persons or organizations.

33-12-7    Return of United States property to be replaced with new property--Return of surplus property.

33-12-8    Disposition of unsuitable property--Public auction or private sale--Procedure--Accounting.

33-12-9    Commanding officer as legal custodian of property--Authorization to sue for recovery.

33-12-10    Periodic return of custodial property.

33-12-11    Resignation, reassignment, dismissal, or discharge of custodial officer.

33-12-12    Death of custodial officer.

33-12-13    33-12-13 to 33-12-15. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 187, §§ 118 to 120.

33-12-16    Inspection of issued supplies--Repairs and replacements.

33-12-17    Trafficking in property prohibited--Seizure from unauthorized person.

33-12-18    Report by disinterested officer respecting missing or destroyed property--Assessment of reasonable value and payment--Suit for recovery.

33-12-19    Board of survey respecting property losses--Notice and hearing--Appraisal and report--Payment for property--Disposition of funds.

33-12-20    Suit for missing or destroyed property--Absence of fault--Release from liability.

33-12-21    Exemption of property from taxation.

33-12-22    33-12-22. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 271.

33-12-23    Unauthorized entry to remove military property--Felony.

33-12-24    Adjutant general as proper party to incur expenses.

33-12-25    Accounting of expenditures--Approval of adjutant general--Payment.

33-12-26    Accounting of expenses including pay, subsistence, and transportation--Audit and payment.

33-12-27    Military claims--Audit by adjutant general--Authorization of subordinate officers to purchase necessities--Statement to adjutant general.

33-12-28    Contracts governed by public agency procurement law--Exception for emergencies.

33-12-29    General militia fund--Expenditure procedure.

33-12-30    Special militia fund--Sources of funds.

33-12-31    Expenditures from special militia fund--Procedure--Claims payable.

33-12-32    Use of special militia fund--Appropriation.

33-12-33    Disposition of rent authorized for armory.