33-6-5.6. Member tuition benefit--In-state, private, nonprofit postsecondary institution--Maximum benefit.

An individual who meets the eligibility requirements of § 33-6-7 and is enrolled as a student in an undergraduate or graduate program at any institution participating in the tuition benefit program under § 33-6-5.5 is entitled to the maximum tuition benefit payable by the state under § 33-6-5 or 33-6-5.1, respectively. The Department of the Military shall publish the maximum tuition benefit to be awarded for the next academic year by July first.

If a student is eligible for the state tuition benefit and a federal tuition benefit, the federal benefit must be applied to the amount due before the state benefit is applied. The total amount of the federal and state benefit may not exceed one hundred percent of the institution's standard tuition for the applicable undergraduate or graduate program.

Source: SL 2024, ch 123, § 2.