01    Department Of The Military

02    State Militia

03    Organization And Training Of National Guard

04    National Guard Officers

05    National Guard Enlisted Members

06    Privileges And Exemptions Of Guard Members

07    National Guard Pay And Allowances

08    Military Uniforms [Repealed]

09    Active Service Of National Guard

10    Uniform State Code Of Military Justice

11    National Guard Armories And Facilities

11A    National Guard Museum

12    Military Equipment, Supplies And Funds

13    National Guard Technicians' Retirement Contributions

14    South Dakota State Guard

15    Emergency Management [Transferred And Repealed]

16    State And County Veterans' Agencies [Transferred And Repealed]

17    Veterans' And Servicemember Benefits [Transferred And Repealed]

17A    Veterans' Guardianships [Transferred]

18    South Dakota State Veterans' Home [Transferred And Repealed]

19    Burial Of Veterans [Transferred And Repealed]

20    Military History [Executed]

21    Civil Air Patrol