33A-1-1    Veteran defined.

33A-1-2    Department assistance to veterans and dependents.

33A-1-3    Office space for department.

33A-1-4    Repealed.

33A-1-5    Repealed.

33A-1-6    Repealed.

33A-1-7    Repealed.

33A-1-8    Promulgation of rules on procedures and standards.

33A-1-9    33A-1-9. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 175, § 1.

33A-1-10    Office and personnel.

33A-1-11    Annual report.

33A-1-12    Qualifications of employees--Duties.

33A-1-13    Representation of veterans.

33A-1-14    33A-1-14. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 175, § 2.

33A-1-15    Burial of veterans.

33A-1-16    Benefits secured by department.

33A-1-17    33A-1-17, 33A-1-18. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 152, §§ 10, 11.

33A-1-19    Assistant attorney general assigned to department.

33A-1-20    Investigative authority of department--Access to records.

33A-1-21    Department records as confidential--Exceptions.

33A-1-22    County veterans' service officer--Approval by secretary of veterans affairs--Term of office.

33A-1-23    County commissioners to assist service officer.

33A-1-24    Duties of county veterans service officer--Direction by department.

33A-1-25    Qualifications of county veterans' officer.

33A-1-26    Training program for county veterans service officers--Attendance and testing--Certification of compliance.

33A-1-27    33A-1-27. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 175, § 3.

33A-1-28    Salary and budget of county service officer--Office space and equipment.

33A-1-29    Tribal veterans' service officers.

33A-1-30    Salary reimbursement and services for Indian tribes and service officers--Tribes responsible for financial obligations.

33A-1-31    State aid for salaries of county service officers--Maximum reimbursement.

33A-1-32    County service officers--Basic salary schedule.

33A-1-33    Training of county officer required for state reimbursement.

33A-1-34    Construction of chapter.