33A-2-1    Veteran defined.

33A-2-2    Wartime veteran and qualifying military service defined.

33A-2-3    33A-2-3. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 152, § 15.

33A-2-4    Veterans affairs department special revenue fund established.

33A-2-5    Disbursements from fund.

33A-2-6    Tax exemption for certain military sales outlets--Exceptions.

33A-2-7    Credit for amount of tax already paid.

33A-2-8    Free recordation of military discharges--Availability of document--Request form.

33A-2-9    National Guard members ordered to active duty--Federal protections.

33A-2-10    Veterans' bonus program--Definitions.

33A-2-11    Bonus board abolished--Performance of functions.

33A-2-12    Employees of department.

33A-2-13    Eligibility for bonus--Dependents of deceased veterans.

33A-2-14    Eligibility for bonus--National Guard or reserve personnel.

33A-2-15    Amount of bonus.

33A-2-16    Fractional months.

33A-2-17    Amount of bonus for dependent of deceased veteran.

33A-2-18    Bonus amount for veteran with service connected disability.

33A-2-19    Amendment of original claim or new claim by veteran with service connected disability.

33A-2-20    Disqualifying factors.

33A-2-21    Funds for payment of bonus.

33A-2-22    Payments to minors.

33A-2-23    Payments to incompetent persons.

33A-2-24    Death of eligible veteran.

33A-2-25    Promulgation of rules for payment of bonus.

33A-2-26    33A-2-26, 33A-2-27. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 175, §§ 4, 5.

33A-2-28    False application--Misdemeanor.

33A-2-29    33A-2-29. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 175, § 6.

33A-2-30    Payment not subject to claims against recipient.

33A-2-31    Separability of bonus provisions.

33A-2-32    Reestablishment of eligibility for certain veterans to receive veterans bonus.

33A-2-33    Multiple bonuses.

33A-2-34    Honorary high school diploma to be awarded to veterans serving during certain periods.

33A-2-35    Homeless veterans program or initiative.

33A-2-36    Professional or occupational credit for certain military training and experience.