33A-4-17. Authority to turn deceased resident's property over to department--Subsequent claim for property.

When a resident of the State Veterans Home dies, leaving at the home cash or other personal property of value, the superintendent of the home may turn over the cash, property, or its proceeds to the Department of Veterans Affairs for the sole use and benefit of the home, without administration. The cash, property, and proceeds are subject to refund within three years to any creditor, legal dependent, or heir, if the deceased resident left a will, and if the creditor, legal dependent, or heir establishes a right to the cash, property, or proceeds or any portion of the cash, property, or proceeds. The attorney general, upon being satisfied that a claim out of the cash, property, or proceeds is legal and valid, may certify the claim to the secretary of veterans affairs, and the secretary of veterans affairs shall satisfy the claim.

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