33A-4-1    State Veterans Home--Department supervision.

33A-4-2    33A-4-2, 33A-4-3. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 175, §§ 53, 54.

33A-4-4    Enforcement of federal regulations--Promulgation of rules--Punishment for violation of rules.

33A-4-5    33A-4-5. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 175, § 55.

33A-4-6    Local management of home by superintendent--Appointment--Qualifications.

33A-4-7    Salary and residence of superintendent.

33A-4-8    Appointment of subordinate employees--Removal.

33A-4-9    Suspension of member for violation of rules--Hearing before secretary of veterans affairs.

33A-4-10    Repealed.

33A-4-11    Permanent fund for use of State Veterans Home--Authorized expenditures--Procedure.

33A-4-12    Contributions by residents--Maximum required.

33A-4-13    Repealed.

33A-4-14    Repealed.

33A-4-15    Payment of maintenance charges during lifetime--Disposition of receipts.

33A-4-16    Distribution of assets of deceased resident.

33A-4-17    Authority to turn deceased resident's property over to department--Subsequent claim for property.

33A-4-18    Claim for maintenance of deceased resident--Disposition of funds.

33A-4-19    Claim against estate of deceased spouse or dependent.

33A-4-20    Transfers to avoid state's claim.

33A-4-21    Authority of secretary to administer property descending to it.

33A-4-22    Handling personal funds of residents.

33A-4-23    Repealed.

33A-4-24    Veterans' home operating fund created.

33A-4-25    Eligibility for admission to veterans' home.

33A-4-26    Admission of spouses--Conditions--Resident status not affected by death or marriage.

33A-4-27    Admission of widows and widowers of veterans--Conditions.

33A-4-28    Nonveteran spouse considered resident.

33A-4-29    Application for admission to home--Form and contents--False application as forfeiture.

33A-4-30    Approval of application for admission.

33A-4-31    Furloughs--Exceeding maximum furlough as forfeiture.

33A-4-32    Discharge from home.

33A-4-33    Admission of veterans with sufficient means.

33A-4-34    Repealed.

33A-4-35    Residence of members leaving home or adjudged mentally ill.

33A-4-36    Residence and right to vote preserved.