33A-5-1    Authority of county veterans' service officer or field officer.

33A-5-2    Payment for burial of veteran--Eligibility of veteran or spouse for burial at state's expense.

33A-5-3    33A-5-3. Repealed by SL 2018, ch 199, § 11.

33A-5-4    Headstone provided by federal government to be erected--Maximum expense--Time for claim--Private option.

33A-5-5    Public expenses--Payment procedure.

33A-5-6    Appropriation for expenses.

33A-5-7    County appropriations to purchase burial plots--Conditions.

33A-5-8    County purchase of burial plots--Perpetual care--Title to plots.

33A-5-9    Conditions for county payment of burial expense.

33A-5-10    Retention of federal memorial pending payment for funeral or burial prohibited.

33A-5-11    State veterans cemetery operating fund--Fee for burial--Promulgation of rules.

33A-5-12    State veterans cemetery endowment fund.

33A-5-13    Minimum principal balance of fund.

33A-5-14    Annual report of veterans council.

33A-5-15    Donation of land for state cemetery

33A-5-16    State cemetery pre-application.

33A-5-17    State cemetery grant application.