34-11-2. Licensing of ambulance service--Definition of terms.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "Air ambulance," an aircraft, fixed wing, or helicopter, that is designated or can be quickly modified to provide transportation of wounded, injured, sick, invalid, or incapacitated human beings or expectant mothers;

(2)    "Ambulance," a vehicle for emergency care with a driver compartment and a patient compartment, carrying all equipment and supplies needed to provide emergency medical technician-basic level emergency care at the scene and enroute to an appropriate medical facility;

(3)    "Ambulance service," any person or organization licensed to provide emergency medical services and patient transport;

(4)    "Emergency medical responder," any person certified by the Department of Health trained to provide simple, noninvasive care focused on lifesaving interventions for critical patients. The emergency medical responder renders on site emergency care while awaiting additional emergency medical services response from an emergency medical technician or higher level personnel. An emergency medical responder may not make decisions independently regarding the appropriate disposition of a patient;

(5)    "Emergency medical technician" any person trained in emergency medical care in accordance with standards prescribed by rules promulgated pursuant to this chapter, who provides emergency medical services, including automated external defibrillation under indirect medical control, in accordance with the person's level of training;

(6)    "License," the permit to provide ambulance service;

(7)    "Licensing agency," the Department of Health;

(8)    "Medical director," a physician licensed pursuant to chapter 36-4 who is responsible for providing medical supervision and direction to an ambulance service; and

(9)    "Operator," any person or entity who has a license from the licensing agency to provide ambulance service.

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