34-11-9. Exemptions from license requirements.

The following are exempt from the provisions of §§ 34-11-2 to 34-11-8, inclusive:

(1)    The occasional use of a privately owned vehicle or aircraft, not ordinarily used in the business of providing ambulance service or operating under the provisions of § 32-34-3;

(2)    A vehicle that provides ambulance services following a disaster or emergency, if ambulances based in the area are unable to provide the necessary services;

(3)    An ambulance service based outside of this state, unless the service is receiving a patient in this state and providing medical transportation to another location in this state;

(4)    A vehicle owned and operated by a rescue squad, provided the vehicle is not regularly used as an ambulance outside of rescue operations;

(5)    An ambulance owned and operated by the federal government; and

(6)    A vehicle used to provide coach service, by prior appointment, for persons who require non-emergency medical transportation.

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