34-11-1    Service provided by counties and municipalities--Agreements for service--Licensing and regulation.

34-11-2    Licensing of ambulance service--Definition of terms.

34-11-3    Unlicensed ambulance service prohibited.

34-11-4    Application for license--Fee--Issuance--Duration.

34-11-5    Promulgation of rules relating to operation of ambulance services.

34-11-5.1    Patient information received by ambulance service is confidential.

34-11-5.2    Certification of emergency medical responders.

34-11-6    Emergency care certification required for drivers and attendants.

34-11-6.1    Denial, suspension or revocation of certification--Gross incompetence, unprofessional conduct, dishonorable conduct to be defined--Acts occurring before July 1, 2006.

34-11-6.2    Appeal of denial, suspension or revocation.

34-11-6.3    Suspension of certification for mental incompetence--Restoration--Establishment of rules.

34-11-6.4    Reissuance of certification--Conditions.

34-11-6.5    Emergency medical technicians--Background check required.

34-11-7    Trip records required.

34-11-8    Vehicle equipment regulation unaffected.

34-11-9    Exemptions from license requirements.

34-11-10    Violation as misdemeanor--Suspension or revocation of license.

34-11-11    Development of quality assurance program for advanced life support providers--Requirements--Reviews--Reports.

34-11-12    Minimum personnel required on ambulance run.

34-11-13    Ambulances equipped with epinephrine--Statewide protocols.

34-11-14    Ambulances equipped with supraglottic airway devices--Statewide protocols.