34-12D-1    Definition of terms.

34-12D-2    Declaration--Requirements to execute--Artificial nutrition and hydration.

34-12D-3    Declaration--Sample form.

34-12D-4    Multiple documents--Resolving conflicts--Participation by attorney in fact.

34-12D-5    When declaration becomes operative.

34-12D-6    Decisions regarding life-sustaining treatment--Rights of qualified patient.

34-12D-7    Entry of declaration into medical record.

34-12D-8    Revocation of declaration--Medical record to contain revocation.

34-12D-9    Providing for patient's comfort and related needs--Responsibility of health care provider.

34-12D-10    Treatment of pregnant woman notwithstanding declaration.

34-12D-11    Withdrawal or withholding of life-sustaining treatment--Responsibilities of health care provider.

34-12D-12    Providing treatment, artificial nutrition, and hydration--Responsibilities of health care provider.

34-12D-13    Immunity from civil or criminal liability, and from professional discipline.

34-12D-14    Withdrawal or withholding of treatment neither suicide or homicide.

34-12D-15    Withdrawal or withholding of treatment--Effect upon life insurance or annuity.

34-12D-16    Insurer or health-care provider may not prohibit or require declaration.

34-12D-17    Revocation of or failure to execute declaration--No presumption created concerning intent.

34-12D-18    Patients able to make decisions regarding medical care--Effect upon rights.

34-12D-19    Health care provider not required to deviate from accepted medical standards.

34-12D-20    Mercy-killing, euthanasia, suicide, and assisted suicide not condoned.

34-12D-21    Assumption as to valid declaration permissible.

34-12D-22    Validity of declaration--Declarations executed prior to July 1, 1991.

34-12D-23    Health care professional--Knowledge and purpose required for conviction of aiding and abetting suicide.

34-12D-24    Standing to bring injunctive relief against person believed to be about to assist in suicide.

34-12D-25    Cause of action for compensatory and punitive damages for assisting suicide.

34-12D-26    Attorney's fees to plaintiff in assisted suicide action.

34-12D-27    Licensing board notified of assisted suicide violation.

34-12D-28    Revocation of license for assisted suicide violation.

34-12D-29    Licensed health care professional defined.