34-12G-11. Rural health care facility recruitment program--Eligible facilities.

A rural health care facility is eligible to participate in the recruitment assistance program if the facility:

(1)    Is located in a community with a population of ten thousand or less;

(2)    Is:

(a)    Licensed pursuant to chapter 34-12;

(b)    A dental practice; or

(c)    Certified under Title XVIII or XIX of the Social Security Act as amended through December 31, 2011; and

(3)    Agrees to provide its portion of the recruitment assistance payment payable to a health care professional who practices in the health care facility as required by §§ 34-12G-10 to 34-12G-17, inclusive.

A rural health care facility may have up to three eligible health care professionals per year participate in the program.

Source: SL 2012, ch 180, § 2; SL 2023, ch 116, § 1.